Macroeconomics Electives

The below 400-level Advanced ECON courses have more Macroeconomic applications. Courses may be taken by ECON Majors wishing to focus more on Macroeconomics, or students completing the Macroeconomic Minor Track.

All courses are not available every semester, and there may be limited availability within the courses as economics majors receive first priority to register.

ECON 402 American Economic History
(previously ECON 490 American Economic History)
ECON 417 Cost-Benefit Analysis
(previously ECON 490 Cost-Benefit Analysis)
ECON 420 International Economics
ECON 425 Macroeconomic Policy
(previously ECON 462)
ECON 426 Monetary Economics
(previously ECON 490 Monetary)
ECON 452 The Latin American Economies
ECON 453 The Economies of the Middle East and North Africa
(previously ECON 490 Econ of Middle East)
ECON 490 Migration (Soon to be ECON 441)
ECON 490 Economic Growth
ECON 490 International Trade
ECON 490 International Macroeconomics
ECON 490 International Macro Forecasting
ECON 490 Business Cycles
ECON 490 Macro Labor Markets
ECON 490 Political Economics
ECON 490 Brazilian Current Economic Issues