On-Campus Advising


If you are attending an on-campus session, the Office of Undergraduate Admissions will send you information about the schedule for the day. Typically, your schedule will follow the format below:

  1. University and College of LAS sessions
  2. Department of Economics meeting
    • We will meet you after the College of LAS meeting and bring you to our building (David Kinley Hall).
    • We have current students and advisors to talk about the program and requirements, and answer general questions
    • You will then receive information about your individual advising appointment
  3. Individual appointment with an advisor
    • Discuss your interests, courses, and plan your schedule
    • You will go to our computer lab where student interns will help you register for courses

Please expect to be on campus until late afternoon (while we try to get you registered as soon as possible, it will take you time to look through classes and select a schedule).

Make sure you Prepared for your Visit

Read over important information you must complete prior to your campus visit and advising appointment. Click on one of the menus below to find out more.