Transfer Advising

New Transfer Student Advising Appointments

All new students must meet with an Econ Academic Advisor prior to registering for courses (either in-person or online/virtually). Schedule an Advising Appointments through your myIllini account.

It is important to read the information sent to you by the University and our Department/Advisors to ensure you are prepared for your appointment.

If you have questions about any of the items, please contact our office.

Preparing for your Appointment

It is very important that you complete all of the necessary items below in order to prepare for your appointment. You should complete these at least one week before your appointment.

  • MyIllini 'Admissions Homework' Checklist
    • Include all AP/IB/A-level and college course credits (known or expected scores)
  • Enterprise ID, Email, & Password Set-Up – Needed to register    NetID Help     Self-Service Info
  • Transfer Courses: Send syllabi for transfer courses to the Office of Admissions Email  ~ or upload in your my.illini (or by link sent by LAS).
    • Make sure to include your Name, UIN (student number), courses you are submitting, and institution where the courses were taken
    • Your Advisor may also ask questions about these courses to get a better sense of your schedule
  • Become familiar with Course Registration websites and procedures
  • Other Placement Exams  if you intent on taking specific courses
  • International students with their primary Language other than English take the English Placement Test (EPT)

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