Federal Government Economic Analyst

An Economic Analyst conducts research, prepare reports, or formulate plans and strategies to address economic problems. For this purpose, the economic analyst collects and processes economic and statistical data using econometric methods and statistical techniques. 
A Federal Government Economic Analyst conducts economic analysis of issues directly related to the function of a federal government agency. His or her tasks include statistical compilation or data aggregation. The Economic Analyst may also have financial duties which can be regulate securities market, monitor grants and loans, or mobilize capital or credit.

Sample Companies:

Department of Labor
Department of Commerce
Department of Treasury
Bureau of Labor Statistics
Bureau of Economic Analysis
Securities and Exchange Commission
Federal Trade Commission
Central Intelligence Agency


Annual earnings of federal government economic analysts vary greatly depending on experience, and can range anywhere from around $40,000 to about $140,000 for Senior Analysts and Economists.  For example, the economic analyst position at the CIA makes $76,000 to $86,000.

How to get there:

In order to become a Federal Government Economic Analyst a bachelor or master’s degree in Economics or Statistics is required. Further education may be required to be able to be promoted. For example, Law School (JD)- may be mandatory for regulatory agencies such as SEC and FTC. A master’s or Ph.D. in Economics is necessary for senior analyst positions and executive/legislative advisory roles.
Most entry-level positions do not require experience. However, most beyond entry level positions require previous experience of 2 or more years within the specific department or agency as the federal government has a tiered promotional structure.

Important Qualities:

Emotionally well-adjusted
Hard working
Confident and enthusiastic
Writing skills
Strong mathematical skills
Quick minded
Fluent in speech


Application Process:
Create your Federal Resume on USAJOBS. Include work experience, education, references, affiliations, and desired locations.
Honestly answer Application Questionnaires.
Apply at least 2-3 months before your desired start date.
Track status on USAJOBS with Application Manager.
Contact individual agencies within two weeks of submitting your application to confirm.

Relevant Classes:

  • Composition I and Advanced Composition/Writing
  • CMN 101- Public Speaking
  • CMN 211- Business Communication
  • ECON 460- Financial Economics
  • ECON 471- Intro to Applied Econometrics
  • ECON 481- Gov't Regulation of
  • Economic Activity

Relevant Clubs & Organizations:

  • Government Interest Law Association
  • Finance Club
  • Econ Club
  • Econ Ambassadors








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