Craig Allen Olson

School of Labor and Employment Relations Alumni Professor
School of Labor & Employment Relations

Additional Campus Affiliations

Professor, School of Labor and Employment Relations
Institute for Labor and Industrial Relations Alumni Professor, School of Labor and Employment Relations

Recent Publications

Olson, C. A. (2019). Union Threat Effects and the Decline in Employer-Provided Health Insurance. ILR Review, 72(2), 417-445.

Lubotsky, D., & Olson, C. A. (2015). Premium copayments and the trade-off between wages and employer-provided health insurance. Journal of Health Economics, 44, 63-79.

Olson, C. A. (2002). Do workers accept lower wages in exchange for health benefits? Journal of Labor Economics, 20(2).

Olson, C. A., Schwab, D. P., & Rau, B. L. (2000). The effects of local market conditions on two pay-setting systems in the federal sector. Industrial and Labor Relations Review, 53(2), 272-289.

Olson, C. A., & Schwab, A. (2000). The performance effects of human resource practices: The case of interclub networks in professional baseball, 1919-1940. Industrial Relations, 39(4), 553-577.

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