In-Koo Cho

William Kinkead Distinguished Professor

Recent Publications

Cho, I-K., & Matsui, A. (2018). SEARCH, ADVERSE SELECTION, AND MARKET CLEARING. International Economic Review, 59(3), 1437-1467.

Cho, I-K., & Rubinchik, A. (2017). Contemplation vs. intuition: a reinforcement learning perspective. EURO Journal on Decision Processes, 5(1-4), 141-167.

Cho, I-K., & Kasa, K. (2017). Gresham’s Law of model averaging. American Economic Review, 107(11), 3589-3616.

Cho, I-K., & Matsui, A. (2017). Foundation of competitive equilibrium with non-transferable utility. Journal of Economic Theory, 170, 227-265.

Cho, I-K., & Kasa, K. (2017). Model averaging and persistent disagreement. Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Review, 99(3), 279-294.

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