Incomplete Grades ("I")

As noted in the Student Code, the "I" grade means temporarily excused.

Incomplete. Approved extension of time to complete the final examination or other requirements of the course. Applies to both undergraduate and graduate students. (Entitles the student to an examination later without fee, or to additional time to complete other requirements of the course. The final grade will be reported via the Online Grade Change system.) (Art. 3-106).

Incomplete Grades are granted by a Dean in the student's college office, and each college may have a different process. Students must discuss with their College Office to determine options.

LAS College (Undergraduate Students)

LAS College "I" Website (Additional information about the process)

The LAS Student Handbook further identifies the "I" grade as the appropriate remedy when a student must delay completion of a final requirement.

Only LAS Student Academic Affairs can authorize extensions for completion of other assignments (papers, reports, presentations) after the end of the term.

An "I" grade extends to the student the formal right to complete specific missed work, generally confined to the final assignments of the course, by midterm of the subsequent semester. It is the student's responsibility to communicate with the instructor in the course regarding the schedule and expectations for outstanding work.

If a student fails to complete this work as expected, and no grounds exist for consideration by the college of a retroactive drop of the class, the "I" grade automatically converts to an "F" grade in one year's time.