We offer a variety of courses within the Department of Economics. Our faculty take an innovative approach to their courses, ensuring students understand how the content they are learning is applied within the real-world, and may be used within a variety of career paths.

Econ Course Syllabi

Instructors use the syllabus to provide policies and guidelines for the course as well as an overview of what is covered within the course. Courses may vary semester to semester, or by the instructor.

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2024 ECON Course Syllabi Previous semester ECON Course Syllabi

Integrated Classroom Experiences

 FREDcast Econ Faculty build real-world experiences into their courses so students understand the concepts in-depth. One example is the use of FREDcast from the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.

FREDcast is an interactive forecasting game in which players make forecasts for four economic releases: GDP, inflation, employment, and unemployment. 

Many of the ECON Undergraduate Core Courses (100-300 level) have built this experience into the classroom, so students have a better understanding of how concepts are applied in the real-world, while having a fun experience! Part of the challenge is competing against students at the University of Missouri (Mizzou), which ILLINOIS Econ has won two semesters in a row! News Article: Mizzou, Illinois Econ Students Compete for Bragging Rights


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