EconHere in the Department of Economics we create an experience for our students! We want to ensure you are working towards your degree, while also getting involved throughout campus and the community, and building skills essential to your future.

We offer many activities and opportunities to build upon your foundation of academic training, creating well-rounded students who are prepared for post-college life. Special events, networking opportunities, professional development workshops, field trips, student organizations, and other activities promote students’ personal growth.

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Econometrics & Quantitative Economics



We offer an excellent program which has been growing in popularity every semester. Students may enter or transfer into one of the three majors we offer within the Department of Economics, as well as the Minor in Economics. Currently, we have around 1,300 students who are current majors, or students planning on adding the major, because of the versatility. Located within the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS) allows students to double major and/or minor in numerous disciplines, and have access to the incredible resources offered by our Department, College, and Campus.

Sectors where our graduates work include for-profit and non-profit business organizations, all levels of government, and education. Examples of some of the industries our graduates have gone on to include Banking, Finance, Marketing, Insurance, Consulting, and many others. Students also continue into a variety of graduate studies as well, including Accounting, Finance, Business, Statistics, Financial Engineering, Economics, and various other professional and academic Master and Doctorate programs.

Your experience is what you make of it in Economics! 


We encourage you to visit the different pages on our website (including the main undergraduate studies page) to find out more about our program, view our different events, see the resources provided (including researchstudy abroad, and academic assistance), and other opportunities we offer. We especially recommend you look at our Econ Ambassadors who are current leaders in our Department, as their bios offer information about why they selected Economics as their major, and various activities they are doing as majors (you may also email these students to ask them questions about their experience).