Economic Ambassadors

Jarrett Bline

Economics & Statistics Major | Food & Agribusiness Management Minor
Class of May 2023 | Email
Campus Involvement & Experiences (Beyond Econ Ambassadors): Director of Analytics for UIUC Baseball, GIS Fraternity, Ski & Snowboarding Club, Orange Krush
Internship Experience: State Farm at Research Park (2021)
Favorite Economics Classes: Inter Microeconomic Theory (ECON 302) with DiIanni
Why Economics? I chose Economics because every decision we make is based on an economic principle. Economists can make decisions with facts that support them. I feel studying Econ will not only allow me to thrive professionally but also personally.
Bio: Jarrett is a junior from Bloomington, IL majoring in Statistics and Economics while minoring in Food and Agribusiness Management. He has completed numerous internships in risk management and is currently with State Farm as an actuarial intern. During his free time he enjoys golfing, boating, and spending time with family and friends.

Umar Mohd Faiz

Economics Major | Business and Psychology Minor
Class of May 2025 | Email
Campus Involvement & Experiences (Beyond Econ Ambassadors):, Malaysian Students Association (MaSa), Economics Club
Favorite Economics Classes & Instructors:  Economic Development & Migration (ECON 456) with Kleemans and Public Sector Economics (ECON 411) with Amorim
Why Economics? Throughout my high school years, I started to develop interest in economic policies and how it affects everyones lives. I believe Economics is a multidisciplinary major that involves logic and challenges us to critically think to solve major issues such as inflation and unemployment. This field is also very versatile as it will develop a skill set that allows one to analyze patterns and interpret current trends and future events which can be applied in various fields.
Bio: Umar is a Malaysian Government Scholar majoring in Economics with minors in Business and Psychology. He is interested in macroeconomic policy and environmental economics. After graduation in May 2024, Umar plans to attend grad school and specialize in policy economics and hopes to be in public sector & government consulting specifically for emerging nations

Noel Feller

Econometrics and Quantitative Economics Major 
Class of May 2025 | Email
Campus Involvement & Experiences (Beyond Econ Ambassadors): Volunteer at Asian American Cultural Center, Vietnamese Student Association member, DIA Tutor, Research Assistant
Favorite Economics Classes & Instructors: Econometrics (ECON 471) with Joshua Shea
Why Economics? The most engaging part of economics is knowing that we are increasing our capabilities of quantifying human behavior and decisions in the world. As I learn the models and statistical measures, as dense and intensive, I know this will be valuable for me in my future career where I hope to work with real world data and scenarios that will put everything I have learned to the test. 
Bio: Noel is a sophomore studying econometrics. Some of her favorite things to do are golfing, painting when I can find the time, reading, eating at Midsummer Lounge, and meeting new people. 

Allie Garlin

Economics Major 
Class of May 2022 | Email
Campus Involvement & Experiences (Beyond Econ Ambassadors): Member of the American Advertising Federation, On Business and Media Team for Illini Solar Car, Pre Law Honors Society, Alpha Delta Pi Sorority
Favorite Economics Classes: Microeconomics Principles (ECON 102) and Intermediate Microeconomics (Econ 302) with Professor Buckley
Why Economics? I mainly love Economics for its versatility. A multitude of different fields use economics as a core foundation. Furthermore, the skills you develop through economics are both fascinating and universally useful. It's fascinating to develop a skill set that allows one to analyze behaviors and patterns that explain current trends and possible future events. Also, analysis and pattern recognition is a technical skill that's invaluable for countless fields.
Bio: Allie is a sophomore from Algonquin, IL majoring in economics and planning to get a dual degree in advertising. She is interested in pre-law/ environmental law. She loves the environment and love animals! She has four dogs back home and works at the animal shelter over the summer and for breaks.

Kelvin Jiang

Economics & Finance Major | Statistics Minor
Class of May 2023 | Email
Campus Involvement & Experiences (Beyond Econ Ambassadors): FACES Consulting, ICSO-CU, Peer & Career, Group facilitator in CC-I program
Favorite Economics Classes: ECON 471 with Hassan Arvin-Rad and ECON 303 with Eric McDermott
Why Economics? I think economics is very interesting because it provides a rigorous way of thinking about trade-offs, incentives, and costs and benefits. I believe Economics is a multidisciplinary major that can help us better understand the operation of the world and explain some scenarios in our daily life.
Bio:  Kelvin is a Senior majoring in Economics and Finance, minoring in Statistics. He has served as Senior Manager in BUS 301 Course and Project Manager in FACES Consulting at U of I. His favorite Economics class is Econ 474 and his favorite instructor is Prof. EunYi Chung. He believes Economics is a multidisciplinary major that can help us better understand the operation of the world and explain some scenarios in our daily life. He hopes to utilize Economics to evaluate policies' effects and predict the economic cycles to make investment decisions.

Paul Kim

Econometrics & Quantitative Economics Major | Statistics Minor
Class of May 2023 | Email
Campus Involvement & Experiences (Beyond Econ Ambassadors):  Economics Club, KJOBS
Favorite Economics Classes: International Finance (ECON 490) with Howard, and Intro to Applied Econometrics (ECON 471) with Arvin-Rad
Why Economics: The study of Economics is very interesting, because it helps people to understand governments, markets, and decisions. Economics is a social science that helps to make optimal decisions and analyze behaviors. It provides me insight on why people make such decisions and how people can optimize the decisions they make.
Bio: Paul is a senior majoring in Econometrics and minoring in Statistics. I first became interested in Econ after the second year of college. I want to pursue in Financial Economics after college. In my free time I enjoy watching basketball, hanging out with my friends, and playing video games.

John Kroen

Economics Major | Spanish & Business Minor
Class of May 2023 | Email
Campus Involvement & Experiences (Beyond Econ Ambassadors): Intramural Sports, Economics Club
Favorite Economics Classes: Macroeconomic Principles (ECON 103) with McDermott, and Economic Statistics I (ECON 202) with Shultz
Why Economics? Economics has always been an area of interest for me. Understanding how and why people make the decisions they do, while using data and numbers to interpret real-world decisions is fascinating to me. After taking AP Economics in high school, I knew this was a major that I wanted to explore. Economics supplies a very wide range of opportunities, which is another reason Economics was the major for me.
Bio: John was always interested in how money works,and after taking Economics in high school, he knew that it was a career he was extremely interested in. Having taken Spanish for 9 years now, John realized the importance of bilingualism in the real world, which led him to pursue a minor in Spanish as well. In his free time, John enjoys participating in intramural sports, hiking, and traveling.

Anwesha Mishra

CS+Economics Major | Informatics Minor
Class of May 2025 | Email
Campus Involvement & Experiences (Beyond Econ Ambassadors): SWE, WiCS, Business Council, ACTION Lab Research Assistant, PD Lab Research Assistant
Internships: IBM (software engineering), (software engineering)
Favorite Economics Classes: Intermediate Microeconomics Econ 302 with DiIanni, the class really shows how economics can be combined with other fields
Why Economics? I have really enjoyed how math (statistics) and computer science can be applied to the field of economics. I am excited for the 400-level courses as I get to choose what I track interests me in economics and I can broaden my scope of interest.
Bio: Anwesha is currently a sophomore studying CS + Econ with a minor in Informatics. I enjoy hiking, playing field hockey, and cooking.

Emma O'Connor

Economics Major & Business, Environmental Economics & Law, and Spanish Minor
Class of May 2023 | Email
Campus Involvement & Experiences (Beyond Econ Ambassadors): Kappa Kappa Gamma, Pre-law fraternity Kappa Alpha Pi (academic committee head), career intern for the ECON 198 class, VP of Service for PHC.
Favorite Economics Classes: Economics Statistics 1 (Econ 202) with Colleen Schultz
Why Economics? I entered economics because I have always been a fan of math and I think that economics allows us to apply math to real world problems. I love how from that math you can predict decisions that people make.
Bio: Emma is a junior majoring in Economics with minors in Environmental Economics & Law, Business, and Spanish. She is from Lake Bluff, IL and loves to visit her family. She is considering attending law school after completing her undergraduate degree. While at school she likes to go on walks and hang out with friends.

Cory Popov

Economics Major | Business Minor
Class of May 2023 | Email
Campus Involvement & Experiences (Beyond Econ Ambassadors):, Illinois Consulting Group (ICG), Phi Delta Theta Fraternity
Favorite Economics Classes & Instructors:  Microeconomic Theory (ECON 302) with DiIanni and Macroeconomics Policy (ECON 425) with Claudio Paiva
Why Economics? Economics interests me because it explains why and how we make decisions. By studying economics people can learn to make better decisions that will provide max benefit to both themselves and others. I also enjoy working with numbers and statistics, so Economics fits right into my skill set.
Bio: Cory is a senior from Naperville, IL majoring in Economics with a minor in Business. This past summer he completed an accounting internship where he managed the entirety of accounts payables for the company. He enjoys playing basketball, working out, drawing, and watching movies.

Alex Predescu

Economics and Statistics Major | Business Minor
Class of May 2023 | Email
Campus Involvement & Experiences (Beyond Econ Ambassadors): LAS 101 Intern, Delta Upsilon Fraternity, Statistics Ambassador
Internship Experience: Seminole Sports Intern
Favorite Economics Classes: Intro to Applied Econometric (ECON 471) with Sakshi and Predictive Analysis (ECON 491) with Ramses Armendariz
Why Economics? I initially chose Economics because of the psychological side Economics. I thought it was interesting to see what motivated people to make decisions. However, after taking the Economic Statistics courses, I started to become fascinated with the data and math side of Economics. I have always had a passion for math, and Economics gives me the ability to use that passion to solve real world problems.
Bio:  Alex is a senior from Mount Prospect, IL majoring in Economics and Statistics with a minor in Business. This past summer, he completed an internship at PwC within Transfer Pricing and will be continuing full-time upon graduation. He also serves as a Statistics Ambassador and is a TA for LAS 101. Reporting provided by Web Services at Public Affairs | University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Page 1 Outside of school, Alex considers himself to be a huge soccer fanatic and loves to look at sports data analytics. He also enjoys cooking and testing out new recipes.

Tim Wu

Economics Major
Class of May 2025 | Email
Campus Involvement & Experiences (Beyond Econ Ambassadors): : Portfolio Manager for Hedge, Ticket Office Cashier at Krannert Center, Taiwanese American Students Club (TASC), Intramural basketball, Investment Management Academy
Internship Experience: Extreme Pizza, Elemental Capital Partners LLC.
Favorite Economics Class: Intermediate Microeconomics (ECON 302) with Buckley
Why Economics? : I love working within the intersection of the qualitative and quantitative realms, which is exactly where economics lies. Knowledge of economics will also be an invaluable asset in my pursuit of a career in investing because it provides deep insight into how public policy and consumer behavior shape financial markets.
Bio: Tim is a sophomore from San Francisco, California. He became interested in Economics because he was very impressed by the way his AP Macro professor would relate real-world events back to the course material. In his free time, Tim loves listening to and playing jazz on the guitar, playing basketball, traveling, and Face Timing his German Shepherd named Steve.