Economic Ambassadors

Umar Mohd Faiz

Umar is a Malaysian Government Scholar majoring in Economics with minors in Business and Psychology. He is interested in macroeconomic policy and environmental economics. After graduation in May 2024, Umar plans to attend grad school and specialize in policy economics and hopes to be in public sector & government consulting specifically for emerging nations.

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Noel Feller

I am a Junior studying econometrics. I love Economics because it is increasing our capabilities of quantifying human behavior and decisions in the world. As I learn the models and statistical measures, as dense and intensive, I know this will be valuable for me in my future career where I hope to work with real world data and scenarios that will put everything I have learned to the test. Some of her favorite things to do are golfing, painting when I can find the time, reading, eating at Midsummer Lounge, and meeting new people. 

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Allie Garlin

I am pursuing a dual degree in economics and advertising. After taking AP Econ in high school, I loved it so much I decided I wanted to major in it! What I enjoy most about economics is how you get to learn so many applicable skills that can be used for so many different things. I love dogs and have four of my own back home! I also like to snowboard and have been getting into baking.

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Anwesha Mishra

Anwesha is currently a Junior studying CS + Econ with a minor in Informatics. I have really enjoyed how math (statistics) and computer science can be applied to the field of economics. I am excited for the 400-level courses as I get to choose what I track interests me in economics and I can broaden my scope of interest. I enjoy hiking, playing field hockey, and cooking.

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Emma O'Connor

My name is Emma O’Connor and I am a Senior majoring in Economics with minors in Business, Environmental Economics & Law, and Spanish. I love the economics department because of how helpful the staff and faculty are. I hope one day to use my economics degree to help eliminate and prevent poverty.

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Gabe Predescu

I am studying Econometrics and Quantitative Economics with a minor in Computer Science. I enjoy being an Econometics major since I have so many opportunities and options of careers I can pursue in the future. However, my interest resides with data analytics. I am also a huge soccer fanatic and my favorite team is Arsenal. On my free time, I enjoy spending time with my friends and family.

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Tim Wu

I'm from San Francisco, CA, and am currently a junior majoring in Economics with a minor in Business. What I find most interesting about economics is the way it makes you think about the world: economic structure and policy form the basis for countries' development and interactions with other countries, and I'm always amazed by how economic analysis can shed so much light on why countries do the things they do. Outside of the classroom, I love playing the guitar and listening to podcasts about things I don't understand.

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Jessica Avalos

I am sophomore from Wheeling, IL double majoring in Economics and Statistics. I enjoy learning how economics and statistics come together to tell stories of populations. In my free time, I also enjoy thrifting, being a foodie, and searching for professional development opportunities. After graduating, I hope to find a career in risk management.

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Emma Joyce

I am from Chicago, Illinois, and I am majoring in Economics. When I was first choosing a major, I searched through fields that would engage both my interests in mathematics and statistics as well as the humanities. I decided to pursue Economics so I can understand how economic choices affect everyone at a global level, how it will eventually affect my future career, and how it currently affects my choices in day to day life. When I am not studying, I enjoy reading, riding my bike, and drawing.

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Anderson Casas

I am pursuing a degree in Economics with a minor in Business Administration. I am an outgoing guy who loves meeting new people, working out, and most importantly, listening to music. I wanted to major in economics because economics gives you analytical skills to make rational decisions and opens doors to diverse career options.

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Jaqueline Hernandez

Hello, my name is Jaqueline Hernandez, and I am double majoring in Spanish and economics with a business minor. Studying economics has given me the ability to explore topics that I am passionate about such as gender, cultures and communities, finance, government, and how the world around us works. In economics there is always something new to explore, which is what makes it exciting! Beyond my studies, I enjoy expressing my creativity through drawing and painting, taking care of my plants, and playing the piano as well.

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SooBin Lee

I am pursuing a dual degree in Economics and Accounting. The two fields are intertwined in many aspects and equips me with the skillset for the professional world. Some hobbies of mine are jiujitsu, reading, and cooking. As an Economics Ambassador, I am looking forward to sharing my experience at U of I and talking to students of diverse backgrounds.

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Ritika Vithani

I am studying Computer Science and Economics with a minor in Business. I'm passionate about harnessing the power of data to drive informed decision-making, and the combination of these fields allows me to do just that. I hope to pursue a career within the data analytics and FinTech industry, where I can leverage my skills to innovate and make a positive change. In my free time, I enjoy traveling, reading fiction, watching tennis, and listening to music.

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I am a Sophomore studying economics. I chose economics because I initially wasn't sure what I wanted to do as a career and Econ provided everything I wanted in a major. It was quantitive, qualitative, and it helps with soft skills as well, like people and their psychology. Overall it gave me the ability to learn about many different industries all at once. As I have gone through the curriculum I only feel more confident in my decision. In my free time I love reading, working out, hanging out with my friends, and watching tv and movies.

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