Economic Ambassadors

Ruchira Ravirala (Ambassador President)

Econometrics & Quantitative Economics Major | Statistics & Business Minors
Class of May 2021 | 
Campus Involvement & Experiences (Beyond Econ Ambassadors): Current experience- FACES Consulting Past Experiences- ECON 203 Student TA, Project Manager at FACES Consulting, Career Services Paraprofessional at The Career Center, Data Analyst at ATLAS
Internship Experience: ATLAS internship, State Farm Research park internship, Risk consulting internship
Favorite Economics Classes & Instructors: Applied Machine Learning in Economics (ECON 490) with Khazra and Farhoodi
Why Economics? Economics is such a flexible major. I love the fact that it has the potential to open a lot of doors to different careers. This is the reason I chose Economics. It is like a buffet. What you see on your final meal plate(career) depends on what food (classes, extra curiculars, experiences) you pick and choose!
Bio: Ruchira is a rising senior from Hyderabad, India studying Econometrics and Quantitative Economics with minors in Statistics and Informatics. She developed interest in data science after taking Business Statistics 2. She has been focusing on that field ever since then by doing internships and taking classes that enrich her data literacy. Apart from academics, she loves to sing and play the electronic keyboard. New skills she developed during quarantine are sticking to an intense workout, cooking healthy food and playing basic violin!

Jessica Gosswein

Economics Major | Business Minor
Class of May 2021 | 
Campus Involvement & Experiences (Beyond Econ Ambassadors): Delta Delta Delta: Academic chair, member of philanthropy and sisterhood committees, Economics Club
Internship Experience: Intern for Exactus Advisors Summer of 2018 and 2019 (boutique organizational consulting firm)
Favorite Economics Classes & Instructors: Intermediate Macroeconomics (ECON 303) with Zhao, Economics Statistics 1 (ECON 202) with Schultz 
Why Economics? With a strong suit and math and being a 'people person', Economics seemed to be a great major to combine two of my strong suits. Economics truly shows how people and economies work to make the world go around.
Research: Research for Exactus Advisors to find potential clients for a productivity tool they created to sell to buying groups.
Bio: Jessica is a Senior from Naperville, IL majoring in Economics with a minor in Business. Outside of class, she is a member of the Delta Delta Delta Sorority where she holds the position of Academic chair, as well as being a member of both the sisterhood and philanthropy committees. She has interned for Exactus Advisors the summer of her Freshman and Sophomore year and continues to gain interest in the field of Consulting.

Ariel Montieth

Econometrics & Quantitative Economics Major| Music Minor| Data Science Certificate
Class of May 2021 | Email
Campus Involvement & Experiences (Beyond Econ Ambassadors): IWiE (Illini Women in Econ), ECON 203 TA, Illini Contraband, UIUC Jazz Bands
Internship Experience: Scalewonder (Berlin, Germany) 
Favorite Economics Classes & Instructors: Econ Statistics II (ECON 203) with McDermott and Microeconomics Theory (Econ 302) with DiIanni
Why Economics? The power of economics is its ability to use numbers to represent a larger social trend. With being a fan of both math and people's behavior, economics is a stampeding force that will never cease, and I cannot wait to join in.
Research Experience: Honors Research Project under Professor DiIanni for ECON 302
Bio: Ariel is a senior from Peoria, IL who is majoring in Econometrics and Quantitative Economics with a minor in Music and certificate in Data Science. After taking ECON 102 with DiIanni, her perspective on Economics changed for the better. Outside of class, she is involved in other RSOs on campus as well as heavily involved in music. She explored europe while interning as a management consultant for a startup in Berlin this past summer; and is looking forward to how her life and career path will be influenced in the future.

Jacob Sadah

Economics Major | Business Minor
Class of May 2021 | 
Campus Involvement & Experiences (Beyond Econ Ambassadors): Assyrian Student Association
Internship Experience: O'Connor & Battle Law Firm (Chicago, IL)
Favorite Economics Classes & Instructors:  Intermediate Microeconomics (ECON 302) with Buckley
Why Economics? The study of economics provides an invaluable understanding of the behavior that motivates the decisions of people, corporations, and markets, as well as a skill set that polishes the analytical, quantitative, and argumentative skills that are crucial to securing a job in today's competitive workplace.
Bio: Jacob is a Senior from Wood Dale, IL majoring in Economics with a minor in Business. Last summer Jacob Interned at O'Connor & Battle, a law firm in downtown Chicago where he worked as the Executive Assistant to the managing attorney, and it was through this experience that he found his knack for law. He is now preparing for the LSAT, motivated by his aspirations to apply his Economic education to the legal field.

Tianyi (Roxy) Wang

Economics and Psychology Majors
Class of May 2021 | 
Campus Involvement & Experiences (Beyond Econ Ambassadors): Illini Women in Econ Marketing Chair, GLOBE "blue" cohort leader, academic tutor in Division of Intercollegiate Athletics, Research Assistant at Berenbaum Lab
Internship Experience: Psychopathology intern at The Sixth Hospital of Peking University (Beijing, China, 2019)
Favorite Economics Classes & Instructors: Econ of Organizations (Econ 490) with Arvan, Economics STAT 1 (Econ 202) with Schultz
Why Economics? I chose economics because of the introductory economics class I took in high school. The class covered multiple topics in easy-to-understand terms with interesting examples and videos. Although I applied for every college on my list of schools with psychology as my first major, I have selected economics courses since the first semester in U of I till now, finally declaring it as my second major.
Research: Research side project on change preference in social psychology with PhD student in Social Action Lab of Dr. Dolores Albarracin
Bio: Tianyi (Roxy) is an international student from Beijing, China double majoring in psychology and economics. Although the two disciplines are almost completely different, she is trying to bring diverse ideas and perspectives into both fields. With further explorations in organizations and industries through economics classes, Roxy is hoping to become a psychotherapist or clinical psychologist with multi-disciplinary knowledge in the future.

Shangya Xu

Economics & Quantitative Economics Major| Statistics Minor
Class of May 2020 | 
Campus Involvement & Experiences (Beyond Econ Ambassadors): ATLAS Internship, LAS Brand Ambassador
Internship Experience: ICBC (Shanghai, China), Huawei (Hangzhou, China)
Favorite Economics Classes & Instructors: Economics of Labor Markets (ECON 440) with Wu
Why Economics? Nash equilibrium leads me to the economic world. I was interested in economics when the first time my high school teacher showed me how game theory works in the real world. I decide to major in economics since I believe that economic theories can be employed in every part of our life and I can make better choices for myself using what I have learned.
Research Experience: Research intern for Pro. Mehta's Global Media project
Bio: Shangya is a senior student, majoring in Econometrics and Quantitative Economics and minoring Statistics. She is an international transfer student from China and expecting to graduate in May 2020. Besides her academic interest in game theory, she is also interested in media since she has been broadcaster and voice actress for many years. Now, she is looking forward to pursuing business/marketing analytics in the future.

Steve O'Brien

Mathematics & Econometrics and Quantitative Economics Major | Statistics & Computer Science Minor | Data Science Certificate
Class of May 2021 | Email
Campus Involvement & Experiences (Beyond Econ Ambassadors): Math Ambassadors, Illinois Economics Consulting, LAS James Scholar Peer Mentor, Illinois Geometry Lab Undergraduate Outreach (General Board)
Internship Experience: Math Intern at OppLoans (Summer 2020)
Research Experience: Illinois Geometry Lab
Favorite Economics Classes & Instructors: American Economic History (ECON 402) with DiIanni
Why Economics? Throughout my time taking courses in economics, I have realized how topics explored in the field help develop critical thinking and problem solving skills that are not focused on in other areas. The tools of economics help individuals evalutate problems in a holistic way, improving overall problem solving skills which can be applied in any industry.
Bio: Steve is a senior from Lombard, IL, majoring in Mathematics and Econometrics and Quantitative Economics with minors in Statistcs and Computer Science. Over the summer, Steve interned at OppLoans, a direct to consumer lender in downtown Chicago, to develop an APR calculator in Python to verify APR on the company's loans. In his free time, Steve enjoys watching The Office and following the White Sox, Bulls, Bears, and Blackhawks, in addition to the Fighting Illini athletic teams.

Ben Cizek

Econometrics and Quantitative Economics Major | Statistics & Business Minor | Data Science Certificate
Class of May 2022 | Email
Campus Involvement & Experiences (Beyond Econ Ambassadors): Economics Club, DIA Tutor
Favorite Economics Classes & Instructors: Microeconomic Principles (ECON 102)  and Microeconomic Theory (ECON 302) with DiIanni
Why Economics? Economics has a tendency to flip the collective consciences on its head, combine this with the logic and structure of mathematics and the thrilling debate of public policy and it will become clear how economics attracts such a wide range of individuals, including myself. Even now I cannot imagine myself studying anything else.
Bio: Ben is a Junior from Geneva, IL majoring in Econometrics and Quantitative Economics with minors in Statistics and Business. His earliest memory of showing interest in economic concepts was from criticizing the monetary actions of characters in popular films. Ben is interested in macroeconomic policy and statistics. After his graduation in May 2022 he hopes to attend graduate school to continue his studies in economics.

Alex Predescu

Economics Major
Class of May 2023 | Email
Campus Involvement & Experiences (Beyond Econ Ambassadors): Econmoics Club, Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society, Block I
Internship Experience: Seminole Sports Intern
Favorite Economics Classes & Instructors: Economics Statistics 1 (Econ 202) with Schultz and Economics Statistics II (Econ 203) with McDermott
Why Economics? I have always loved math. Dealing with numbers is something that has always fascinated me and Economics allows me to use numbers to interept trends in the real world. It gives me insight on why things happen and why people make the decisions they make.
Bio: Alex is a sophmore from Mount Prospect, IL majoring in Economics. After taking AP Economics in high school, he knew that a career in Economics was right for him. He is also a member of Economics Club, the Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society, and Block I. He wishes to pursue a second major in Statistics and go into a data analytics post graduation.

Dylan Loyd

Econometrics and Quantitative Economics Major |  Business Minor | Data Science Certificate
Class of May 2021 | Email
Campus Involvement & Experiences (Beyond Econ Ambassadors): Economics Club, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Kappa Tau, Consumer Economics and Finance Club, Order of Omega, Illinois Business Consulting
Internship Experience: Quantex Strategies (financial analytics startup)
Favorite Economics Classes & Instructors: Microeconomics (Econ 102) with DiIanni and Macroeconomic Theory (Econ 303) with Zhao
Why Economics? I have always wondered how the world works on a large-scale holistic level. Economics is the most tangible and comprehensive way to explain everything that's going on in the world
Bio: Dylan is a junior from Edwardsville, IL majoring in econometrics and quantitative economics. He developed an interest in economics from a young age when he first started reading about it. He is currently serving as risk manager of Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity and active on campus as a consultant for Illinois Business Consulting. He is graduating in May of 2022 with interests in consulting and finance.

Brianna Thomas

Economics Major |  Business Minor 
Class of May 2021 | Email
Campus Involvement & Experiences (Beyond Econ Ambassadors): Alpha Chi Omega: Assistant VP Finance, Recruitment Chair
Favorite Economics Classes & Instructors: Microeconomics (Econ 102) with DiIanni and Urban Economics (Econ 414) with Albouy
Why Economics?I chose to pursue Economics because it combines rigorous mathematics with critical thinking skills about how the world works around us. Economics equips students to enter multiple fields beyond a career as an economist. I love the versatility associated with my Economics degree and I am excited to use my knowledge post graduation to help businesses develop better market strategies.
Bio: Bri is a Senior from Huntley, Illinois pursuing a degree in Economics with a minor in Business. She is the Assistant VP Finance of Alpha Chi Omega and previously served on the Recruitment Committee. Bri developed a strong desire to pursue Economics since it combines her love of mathematics with critical thinking skills. One of her favorite classes, Urban Economics, sparked an interest in housing and zoning policies in Urban areas. She hopes to pursue a Graduate degree in Economics and work for the state government post graduation.

Reba Vettiankal

Econometrics and Quantitative Economics Major 
Class of May 2022 | Email
Campus Involvement & Experiences (Beyond Econ Ambassadors): Director of Cultural Programs for Illini Union Board, YWCA Women in Leadership Program, Barista at Array Cafe
Internship Experience: Information Technology Intern at Roberson and Associates (Summer 2019), Marketing Intern for the University of Illinois Athletics Division (Fall 2019), Data Analytics Intern for Roberson and Associates (Summer 2020)
Favorite Economics Classes & Instructors: Economics Statistics 1 (Econ 202) with Schultz) and Macroeconomic Principles (Econ 103) with Armendariz
Why Economics? The main reason I chose economics is because of the versatility of the subject. In an ever-changing and increasingly technological world, I believe that it’s an extremely important yet diverse field. The skills I learn prepare me to succeed in various roles in many different areas. Furthermore, econometrics really gives me more of a technical foundation, along side the math and business concepts taught, making me a well-rounded candidate for future employers. It also doesn’t lock me into one single career path and allows me to explore many positions till I find one that’s perfect for me.
Bio: Reba is a junior from Palatine IL, studying Econometrics and Quantitative Economics. She became interested in the intersection of economics and statistics when taking Econ 202 with Professor Schultz, which lead her to declare economics as her major. She has completed multiple internships in various roles during her first two years at the university in order to gain experience in multiple fields. During her free time she loves walk or bike through forest preserves, paint or do crafts and bake with her family. She also loves to travel and can’t wait for the day that it's safe to explore other countries again!

Morgan Campagna

Economics Major |  Business and Informatics Minor 
Class of May 2021 | Email
Campus Involvement & Experiences (Beyond Econ Ambassadors): Business Council (alumni coordinator FA 2019, active member), Chi Omega (active member), Illinithon (leadership team 2018), Best Buddies (peer buddy), Econ Career Center Intern
Internship Experience: FIRST Insurance Funding - Marketing and Risk Management Intern and Aon - FLP Intern
Favorite Economics Classes & Instructors: Microeconomic Theory (Econ 302) with DiIanni and Environmental Economics (Econ 415) with DiIanni
Why Economics?I've always had a strong interest in math and problem solving. I love to know why people do what they do and I think studying economics has taught me so much about that. I love the versatility of the major and how many different aspects of economics there is to learn!
Bio: Morgan is a senior from Arlington Heights, IL. Through her time in college she has been involved in and help leadership positions in various social, professional, and philanthropic organizations, including Business Council, Chi Omega, Best Buddies, and Illinithon. Her most recent position is as an intern with the Economics Career Center.