Economic Ambassadors

Tim Albright

Economics Major | Political Science Minor
Class of May 2020 | Email
Favorite Economics Classes & Instructors: Intermediate Macroeconomics (Econ 303) with McDermott, ECON STAT 1 (ECON 202) with Schultz
Why Economics? I chose economics not only because it was interesting to me, but because it's such a versatile major. Economics can be applied to a numerous amounts of different work fields and because of that, I think it gives you an advantage in the work place. You gain a different perspective and set of tools than a lot of other majors, and can apply them in ways others aren't trained to or trained to think to.
Bio: Tim is a senior from Bolingbrook, IL. He majors in Economics with a minor in Political Science. After being recommended to try out Econ by coworkers, Tim found a new interest and has grown to enjoy Econ. Outside of classes, you'll be likely to find Tim at the Illini Union Bookstore where he is a Student Supervisor. Any chance he gets Tim loves to travel and has found California to be his favorite desitination, Yosemite National Park in particular.

Jacqueline Betthauser

Economics  & English Major | Business minor
Class of May 2020 | 
Campus Involvement & Experiences (Beyond Econ Ambassadors): Girls Next Door A cappella, Chi Omega
Internship Experience: The Mather Group
Favorite Economics Classes & Instructors: Women in the Economy (ECON 442) with Powers
Why Economics? I chose to study economics because it is great preparation for life after college. Through the major, I have learned a breadth of valuable knowledge and skills that will aid me in any career path I take.
Bio: Jacqueline is a senior from Niles, IL majoring in Economics and English with a minor in Business. Jacqueline came into college only majoring in English, but decided to explore Economics after taking Econ 102 with Professor DiIanni. Picking up the second major has provided Jacqueline with a lot of opportunities, with her favorite being studying in Vienna, Austria last semester through the LAS Econ in Vienna program. This past summer she interned at a private wealth management firm. She is now excited to use her economics degree to pursue even more opportunities after graduation this spring.

Pooja Deshmukh

Economics Major | Business Minor
Class of May 2020 
| Email
Campus Involvement & Experiences (Beyond Econ Ambassadors): The Daily Illini, Women in Economics
Internship Experience: Program Intern at iVenture Accelerator (Spring 2018)
Favorite Economics Classes & Instructors: Econ Statistics II (Econ 203) with Petry, Maroeconomics Theory (Econ 303) with McDermott
Why Economics? Economics is one of the most versatile majors, which allows me the ability to explore many different career paths. After being introduced to an economics class in high school, I realized that this major is perfect for all of the possible career paths I was considering. Economics is more than just graphs and theories, since it can also be applied to understand why things are the way they are.
Bio: Pooja is a senior majoring in economics with a minor in business. Initially pursuing a career in financial journalism, she was involved in leadership at The Daily Illini. Now, she's leaning towards a career in financial services and analytics but is hoping to pursue an MBA after working for a few years. She is from Bartlett, IL, but hopes to move and work in the east coast.

Ashley Drake

Economics major | Leadership Studies& Business Minor
Class of May 2020 | 
Campus Involvement & Experiences (Beyond Econ Ambassadors): Alpha Omega Epsilon, Student Alumni Ambassadors
Internship Experience: Human Resources Corporate Intern at Great Lakes Coca-Cola Bottling
Favorite Economics Classes & Instructors: Economics of the Workplace (ECON 447) with Professor Sun
Why Economics? Economics influences a variety of fields. With combining math and analytical skills, economics is used to directly impact the world. Using both analytical and interpersonal skills in economics makes it the best career path for me.
Bio: Ashley is a senior majoring in economics and minoring in leadership studies and business from Algonquin, Illinois. While at Illinois, Ashley has also been involved in both the Student Alumni Ambassadors and Alpha Omega Epsilon, holding a variety of officer positions throughout her undergraduate career. She is looking forward to pursuing Human Resources upon graduation.

Jessica Gosswein

Economics Major | Business minor
Class of May 2021 | 
Campus Involvement & Experiences (Beyond Econ Ambassadors): Delta Delta Delta: Academic chair, member of philanthropy and sisterhood committees, Economics Club
Internship Experience: Intern for Exactus Advisors Summer of 2018 and 2019 (boutique organizational consulting firm)
Favorite Economics Classes & Instructors: Intermediate Macro Economics (Econ 303) with Zhao, Economics STAT 1 (Econ 202) with  Schultz 
Why Economics? With a strong suit and math and being a 'people person', Economics seemed to be a great major to combine two of my strong suits. Economics truly shows how people and economies work to make the world go around.
Research: Research for Exactus Advisors to find potential clients for a productivity tool they created to sell to buying groups.
Bio: Jessica is a Junior from Naperville, IL majoring in Economics with a minor in Business. Outside of class, she is a member of the Delta Delta Delta Sorority where she holds the position of Academic chair, as well as being a member of both the sisterhood and philanthropy committees. She has interned for Exactus Advisors the summer of her Freshman and Sophomore year and continues to gain interest in the field of Consulting.

Eric Kim

Economics & Statistics Major | Informatics Minor
Class of May 2020 | 
Campus Involvement & Experiences (Beyond Econ Ambassadors): Korea Student Organization,
Korean Liberal Arts and Science Orgnization, Illinois Economic Consulting
Internship Experience: Data Operation Intern @ Principal Financial Group
Favorite Economics Classes & Instructors: Economics Time Forecasting (ECON 475) with Prof Collins
Why Economics? I chose to study Economics for its broad applicability. I wanted to learn about how people made decisions given different parameters and to analyze how each decision could potentially develop an economy and drive progress. It always fascinates me how every economical choice we make the impact all of us daily.
Bio: Jong Bum (Eric) is a senior majoring in Economics and Statistics and minoring in Informatics. He was born in Seoul, South Korea, but grew up in Georgia. He serves as an Illinois National Guard while he is in school. Eric is pursuing a career path in data analytics.

Jonathan Lee

Economics & Statistics Major (pursuing)
Class of May 2020 | Email
Campus Involvement & Experiences (Beyond Econ Ambassadors): Statistics Club
Favorite Economics Classes & Instructors: Economics Statistics II (Econ 203) with Petry
Why Economics? Economics is the theory behind every choice we make in this world, and I believe it is important to understand the theory of any choice (for example) a company or bank makes to make decisions with given data.
Bio: Jonathan is a senior studying Economics, and pursuing Statistics, from Seoul, South Korea (born in CA though). He is interested in the finance market and data analytics.

Joe MacPhee

Economics Major
Class of May 2020 |
Campus Involvement & Experiences (Beyond Econ Ambassadors): Econ Club
Favorite Economics Classes & Instructors: Intro to Microeconomics (ECON 102) DiIanni
Why Economics? Out of all the classes I took in highschool, there was no class I found more interesting than economics. It has a personal connection to a lot of people and I hope some day to educate people on the great things it does for the USA.
Bio: Joe is a senior who plans to graduate in May of 2020 with a degree in Economics and two minors in Business and Statistics. He hopes to work in an investment banking firm in New York once he graduates. Joe is from downtown Boston and enjoys volunteering at local organizations as well as working during his summer. He enjoys playing basketball and football in his free time!

Sri Nikita Mamidi

Econometrics Major| Statistics minor
Class of May 2020 | 
Campus Involvement & Experiences (Beyond Econ Ambassadors): Econ 203 Student TA, Women in Economics, Alpha Lambda Delta honor society, Illini union bookstore employee
 Favorite Economics Classes & Instructors: Economics Statistics II (Econ 203) with Petry 
Why Economics? I have always been interested in data science and analysis. The economics and statistics courses I have taken at the U of I have helped me become a better data analyst. The best part about economics is that it is a versatile major that prepares one for careers in finance, consulting, data science and government policy. A better understanding of economics can enable one to shape the market, economy and create policies that directly impact people’s lives.
Bio: Sri Nikita Mamidi is a junior majoring in Econometrics and minoring in Statistics. She is from Hyderabad, India. After her graduation she plans on taking up a job as an Economics analyst or consultant. After a few years of gaining the required skills in various aspects of business, she plans on setting up her own Start up. In her free time she likes to hang out with her friends, play badminton and watch basketball.

Ariel Montieth

Econometrics and Quantitative Economics Major| Music Minor| Data Science Certificate
Class of May 2021 | Email
Campus Involvement & Experiences (Beyond Econ Ambassadors): IWiE (Illini Women in Econ), ECON 203 TA, Illini Contraband, UIUC Jazz Bands
Internship Experience: Scalewonder (Berlin, Germany) 
Favorite Economics Classes & Instructors: Econ Stats II (Econ 203) with McDermott and Microeconomics Theory (Econ 302) with DiIanni
Why Economics? The power of economics is its ability to use numbers to represent a larger social trend. With being a fan of both math and people's behavior, economics is a stampeding force that will never cease, and I cannot wait to join in.
Research Experience: Honors Research Project under Prof DiIanni for ECON 302
Bio: Ariel is a junior from Peoria, IL who is majoring in Econometrics and Quantitative Economics with a minor in Music and certificate in Data Science. After taking ECON 102 with DiIanni, her perspective on Economics changed for the better. Outside of class, she is involved in other RSOs on campus as well as heavily involved in music. She explored europe while interning as a management consultant for a startup in Berlin this past summer; and is looking forward to how her life anc career path will be influenced in the future.

Jia Lin (Jay) Mei

Economics Major
Class of May 2020 | 
Campus Involvement & Experiences (Beyond Econ Ambassadors): Alpha Phi Omega, Asian American Association 
Internship Experience: 
Favorite Economics Classes & Instructors: Intermediate Macro Theory (Econ 303) with Petry
Why Economics? I've always enjoyed the social sciences such as psychology and anthropology, but with a bit of math thrown in. To me, Economics was the best that combined all of my interests into one major. By learning theory and analytics, I'm looking forward to use this kind of knowledge after I graduate.
Bio: Jia Lin (Jay) is a senior majoring in Economics, but looking to switch over to Econometrics with a minor in Mathematical Statistics. Recommended by a friend in high school, he sought out the major and found it to be an excellent combination of theory and applicable skills. Currently, he's involved with Alpha Phi Omega and looking for graduate programs or careers in healthcare and the government.

Ivan A. Murillo-Quiroz

Economics & Statistics Majors (pursuing)
Class of May 2020 | Email 
Campus Involvement & Experiences (Beyond Econ Ambassadors): ALPFA/Econ Club Professional Outreach/Illinois Economic Consulting
Internship Experience:IFS-Advisory Start Internship at PwC (Summer 2018)
Favorite Economics Classes & Instructors: ECON Statistics II and Intro to Microeconomics (Econ 203 & 102)/ Eric McDermott & Isaac DiIanni
Why Economics? Economics is everywhere in the world, and being able to understand Economics allows us to view the world with a new perspective.
Bio: Ivan is a junior from Plainfield, IL who is majoring in Economics and pursuing a double major in Statistics. He is also involved with ALPFA, Econ Club, and Illinois Economic Consulting and has completed the Start Advisory internship at PwC this past summer.

Natalia Plichta

Economics & Political Science Major | Business and Spanish minor
Class of May 2020 | 
Campus Involvement & Experiences (Beyond Econ Ambassadors): Economics Club, Illinois Student Government, Alpha Delta Pi
Internship Experience: Local 881 United Food and Commercial Workers (Summer Legislative & Political Intern)
Favorite Economics Classes & Instructors: Economics Statistics II (Econ 203) with Petry 
Why Economics? I decided to major in economics after taking my first course in high school where I fell in love with the subject. I enjoy studying economics because it allows me to combine analytical and mathematical skills into one subject matter. I also enjoy the challenges that can be posed with studying various data sets.
Bio: Natalia is a senior, majoring in Economics and Political Science with minors in Spanish and Business. In addition to learning Spanish she is fluent in Polish. On campus, Natalia is involved in the Economics Club, Illinois Student Government, and a social sorority (Alpha Delta Pi). After graduation she hopes to find a career which will encompass all of her interests as well as provide her the opportunity to utilize the analytical skills she has acquired during undergrad.

Vandana Ravi

Economometrics& Quantitative Economics Major| Informatics Minor
Class of May 2021 | 
Campus Involvement & Experiences (Beyond Econ Ambassadors): Women in Economics, Association for Information Systems, James Scholar Advisory
Favorite Economics Classes & Instructors: Intermediate Microeconomics (Econ 302) with Professor Zhao 
Why Economics? I chose to study Economics because of the various opportunities it will allow me to explore after graduating. The combination of math and analytical skills that this major provides me with allows me to gain a new perspective on how every decision matters.
Bio: Vandana Ravi is a junior majoring in Econometrics and Quantitative Economics with a minor in Infomatics. She is from Naperville, Illinois and has been an active student on campus her past three semesters. She hopes to explore more about her interests in the field of Econometrics by taking more upper level courses throughout the rest of her time at UIUC. She hopes to pursue a career in data analytics or consulting after graduating in the Fall of 2021!

Ruchira Ravirala

Econometrics and Quantitative Economics Major
Class of May 2020 | 
Campus Involvement & Experiences (Beyond Econ Ambassadors): Economics 203 TA, Faces Consulting
Internship Experience: PR/Marketing Intern at Borgen Project
Favorite Economics Classes & Instructors: Economics Statistics II (Econ 203) with Petry 
Why Economics? Economics is a subject that can be a fundamental subject for many other subjects. I like the fact that being an Economics major allows me to wear various hats like consultant, professor, marketing manager, CEO, financial Analyst, Data Analyst, Banking official and many more! The potential to diversify in this field is plenty which is why I chose Economics.
Bio: Ruchira is a junior majoring in Econometrics and Quantitative Economics. She is interested in data analysis. Furthermore, she wants to gain maximum work experience as possible before she graduates. Besides her academic interests, she loves to sing, play the keyboard and write poetry in her free time.

Jacob Sadah

Economics Major | Business Minor
Class of May 2021 | 
Campus Involvement & Experiences (Beyond Econ Ambassadors): Assyrian Club
Internship Experience: O'Connnor & Battle Law Firm (Chicago, IL)
Favorite Economics Classes & Instructors:  Intermediate Micro Economics (Econ 302) with Buckley
Why Economics? The study of economics provides an invaluable understanding of the behavior that motivates the decisions of people, corporations, and markets, as well as a skill set that polishes the analytical, quantitative, and argumentative skills that are crucial to securing a job in today's competitive workplace.
Bio: Jacob is a Senior from Wood Dale, IL majoring in Economics with a minor in Business. Over the summer, Jacob Interned at O'Connor & Battle, a law firm in downtown Chicago where he worked as the Executive Assistant to the managing attorney. It was through this experience that he found his knack for law which motivated his decision to gear toward Law School. As a transfer student, Jacob activley searches for additional ways to get involved on campus. He currently participates in the Assyrian Club and enjoys volunteering at Feed My Starving Children.

Manav Saxena

Economics Major 
Class of May 2022 |
Campus Involvement & Experiences (Beyond Econ Ambassadors): Economics Club: Professional Outreach Chair, Association of Data Science and Analytics: Active Member
Internship Experience: Data Science Intern for HCL Technologies (New York)
Favorite Economics Classes & Instructors: Intro to Microeconomics (ECON 102) with Vasquez, Economics STAT 1 (Econ 202) with Schultz
Why Economics? 
Bio: Manav is a sophomore from New Delhi, India studying Computer Science and Economics. He is particularly interested in further exploring the connection between the two fields, and he hopes to soon code programs, using economics concepts, that analyze large and complex datasets. Within economics, Manav is very interested in learning more about cryptocurrencies, game theory, and market structures. In fact, Manav has written a paper about the market structure of the Indian IT outsourcing industry. Aside from economics, Manav enjoys playing tennis, working out, and trying new things. He is looking forward to this coming year.

Daniel Stumpf

Economics Major
Class of May 2020 | 
Campus Involvement & Experiences (Beyond Econ Ambassadors): Theta Chi, Econ 303 TA, Economics Study Abroad
Internship Experience: Data Analytics Intern at Liberty Mutual Insurance 
Favorite Economics Classes & Instructors: Economics Statistics II (Econ 203) with Petry and Brazil Study Abroad (ECON 199) with Petry 
Why Economics? In high school I was drawn to economics through taking Macro, and I loved seeing how different countries interacted with and influenced each other. Since then, I believe Economics is great real life application of Mathematics.
Research: Undergraduate Research in Brazil (Econ 199) Spring 2018 analyzing interest rates and GDP
Bio: Daniel is majoring in Quantitative Economics and Econometrics with a minor in Computer Science. Born in Elmhurst, Il Daniel grew up playing Trombone and spending most of his time at the pool for swimming and water polo, and continues to do so at college. At U of I, Daniel is pursuing a career path in data analytics or financial planning and is on track to graduate in Spring 2020.

Tianyi (Roxy) Wang

Economics and Psychology Major
Class of May 2021 | 
Campus Involvement & Experiences (Beyond Econ Ambassadors): Illini Women in Econ Marketing Chair, GLOBE "blue" cohort leader, academic tutor in Division of Intercollegiate Athletics
Internship Experience: Psychopathology intern at The Sixth Hospital of Perking University (Beijing, China, 2019)
Favorite Economics Classes & Instructors: Econ of Organizations (Econ 490) with Arvan, Economics STAT 1 (Econ 202) with Schultz
Why Economics? I chose economics because of the introductory economics class I took in high school. The class covered multiple topics in easy-to-understand terms with interesting examples and videos. Although I applied for every college on my list of schools with psychology as my first major, I have selected economics courses since the first semester in U of I till now, finally declaring it as my second major.
Research: Research side project on change preference in social psychology with PhD student in Social Action Lab of Dr. Dolores Albarracin
Bio: Tianyi (Roxy) is an international student from Beijing, China double majoring in psychology and economics. Although the two disciplines are almost completely different, she is trying to bring diverse ideas and perspectives into both fields. With further explorations in organizations and industries through economics classes, Roxy is hoping to become a psychotherapist or clinical psychologist with multi-disciplinary knowledge in the future.

Shangya Xu

Economics Major| Statistics Minor
Class of May 2020 | 
Campus Involvement & Experiences (Beyond Econ Ambassadors): ATLAS Internship
Internship Experience: ATLAS Internship
Favorite Economics Classes & Instructors: Game Theory (Econ 437) with Bei Yang
Why Economics? Nash equilibrium leads me to the economic world. I was interested in economics when the first time my high school teacher showed me that how game theory works in real world. I decide to major in economics since economic theories can be used in every part of our life and I believe I could make better choices for myself through studying of economics.
Bio: Shangya is a junior student, majoring in Econometrics and Quantitative Economics and minoring Statistics. She is an international transfer student from China and expecting to graduate in May 2020. Besides her academic interest in game theory, she is also interested in media since she has been broadcaster and voice actress for many years.