Once you have secured an independent study or research, make sure that you:

  • Follow-up with the faculty member to ensure that you are on the same page about the project, timeline, feedback/guidance they will provide, requirements, outcomes, and final project- we recommend typing up a research proposal that includes all of this information.

  • Sign-up for ECON 199 or 399 and include the research proposal.

  • Schedule frequent meetings with the faculty member to receive feedback on your progress.

  • Be proactive about sending them any questions, drafts, information throughout the semester (this is your project, they should not need to reach out to you).

  • Present your project (with guidance from your faculty advisor) at research symposiums or consider submitting to a journal.

  • Include your research on your resume/CV and see if the faculty member would agree with being your reference for jobs/graduate school (make sure that you provide them with information on where you are applying and provide your updated resume/CV).