The Economics Alumni Relations & Outreach Office supports Economics Alumni by acting as a resource and facilitator for our alumni. These services combined with the networking opportunities offered by the University of Illinois Alumni Association  and the Economics Student Career Services Office* and the campus Career Center*  helps connect alumni and career opportunities of all experience levels. 

*Recent alumni can utilize full resources of Economics Student Career Services and the campus-wide Career Center for one-year post graduation. The Alumni Career Services Office for the UI campuses, that was housed in Chicago at Illini Center, closed in Summer 2015, and services to assist the alumni population for the UI are currently under consideration by University administration. Until which time other resources are offered for alumni, this office will support our alumni to the best of our capacity.

Alumni Career Involvement Alumni Job Search Resources


Employers of our alumni include:

Undergraduate employers

Master of Science: Policy Economics employers

Ph.D. Placements