Faculty/Staff Resources

Policy Manual for the Department of Economics

Bylaws Department of Economics Bylaws. Revision adopted on September 30, 2022.

Travel Pre-Approval

Travel Pre-Approval Form Please use this link to submit your travel pre-approval form. You need to sign in Microsoft Online, using the university email and NetID password.

Atlas Computer Support

Faculty/Staff may complete a request form using the following website:

Desktop & Tech Support

You may always visit the Atlas Website for additional resources and assistance.

Atlas Application Development

The Application Development team develops and maintains applications that serve the instructional, research, and administrative needs of the College of LAS. Please find some of the applications you may find on this website below. Application Development Website   contact: atlas-apps@illinois.edu 

  • FormBuilder: General Purpose Application created to replace paper processes
  • Scheduler: Request rooms, equipment, and more through one program
  • Gradebook: Standalone gradebook for instructors to use, and students may view
  • Scantron ResultsElectronically distribute results from the results of a scantron exam from the files provided by CITL
  • Photo RosterSimple to use, yearbook style format of photos to help instructors associate the names and faces of their students.
  • Exam Attendance: offers professors and other unit members a check-in interface that will both save time for exam proctors and ensure the identity of students taking an exam. Combining information from the course roster with the student’s i-card, checking in and out of an exam just became as simple as a card swipe.
Required Travel Health Insurance for International Travel

Please use the following link to enroll in the UIUC required international health travel insurance, prior your travel: Faculty & Staff Insurance Registration | International Safety and Security (illinois.edu)

This insurance of no cost to UIUC faculty and staff, involved in university-related activities. This insurance provides benefits such as medical/evacuation costs, telehealth/telecounseling and quarantine coverage.