Alumni Awards presented at 2017 Undergraduate Awards Banquet

Awards and scholarships were presented at the 2017 Undergraduate Awards Banquent on May 4, 2017. Due to the generous support from alumni and friends of the Department of Economics, the following alumni awards and scholarships were included:


Michelle Moreno Leadership Award

Recipients: Michael Hebert and Namitha Somayaji


Brian Marshall Service Award

Recipients: Shaun Majeed and Hannah Gruen (not pictured)


Convocation Speaker GPA Scholarships

Dr. Lars Stole 2017 Convocation Speaker Scholarship Recipient: Siqi Chen
Dr. Maria Otoo 2016 Convocation Speaker Scholarship Recipient: Anqi Yuan
Justice Rita Garman 2015 Convocation Speaker Scholarship Recipient: Yanxuan Wang


Robert L. and Amelia Louise Rivers Scholarship

Recipients:  Huiyi Chen and Collin Schumock (not pictured)


Michael and Christine Kolbuk Undergraduate Scholarship

Kornelia Chyla 2017 Recipient
Emily Schroeder 2016 Recipient


Department Sponsored Awards


Economics Academic Scholarship, Postgraduate and Undergraduate Education Scholarships


Economics Academic Scholarship Recipients:

Yunmin Wu, Mary Grace Bedalov, Mingxuan Chen, Huan Tan, Nicholas Brown, Tomas Dilnyy, Yue Ao (pictured second from right), Jingyi Nie (pictured second from left), Nicholas Ruble, Lucas Mendonca Capoia



Postgraduate Education Scholarship Recipients: Nicholas Brown, Ramiro Sugranes, Collin Schumock, Mingrui Zhang, Chengzheng Yu, Yuqi Li (not pictured)



Undergraduate Education Scholarship Recipients:  2017: Damian Margarites, Veronica Glowacki, Dino Petrov (pictured second fromleft), Natalia Plichta (pictured second from right)   2016: Xi Lin, Ji Yoon Jung, Huanhuan Yue, Fan Wu, Zachary Herr


Honors Research Scholarship

Recipients: Huiyi Chen and Timothy Chin (not pictured)


Economics Community Award

Recipients: Chengzheng Yu and Michael Hebert


Diversity and Inclusion Award

Recipients: Huiyi Chen (pictured), Zaolin Chen (not pictured), Hiroki Arai (not pictured)


Peer Recognition Award

Recipients: Mark Brisske and Zihe Wang (not pictured)


More photos can be found in the Economics Department photo album

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