Boneyard Econometrics Conference 2016 featured 4 alumni speakers

The fifth Boneyard Econometrics Conference was held in Urbana on April 16, 2016 and was hosted by Economics faculty member, Roger Koenker.

The conference featured four Economics Phd alumni speaking at the conference and on the following topics:

  • Professor Luiz Lima, University of Tennessee, spoke on "Out-of-Sample Stock Return Prediction: what have we missed?"

  • Professor Antonio Galvao, University of Iowa, spoke on "Nonlinear Rational Quantile Models"

  • Professor Tom Parker, University of Waterloo, spoke on "Interference for Stochastic Dominance Using Large Deviations Asymptotics"

  • Professor Carlos Lamarche, University of Kentucky, spoke on "A Panel Quantile Approach to Attrition Bias in Big Data: Evidence from a Randomized Experiment"


The agenda for the conference can be viewed here.

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