Richard Akresh

Associate Professor

Research Interests



Economics, Ph.D., Yale University

Additional Campus Affiliations

Associate Professor, Global Studies Programs and Courses

Recent Publications

Akresh, R., Halim, D., & Kleemans, M. (2018). Long-term and Intergenerational Effects of Education: Evidence from School Construction in Indonesia. (NBER Working Paper Series; No. 25265). National Bureau of Economic Research.

Akresh, R., Bhalotra, S. R., Leone, M., & Osili, U. O. (2017). First and Second Generation Impacts of the Biafran War. (IZA Discussion Paper; No. 10938).

Akresh, R., Caruso, G., & Thirumurthy, H. (2016). Detailed Geographic Information, Conflict Exposure, and Health Impacts. (IZA Discussion Paper; No. 10330).

Akresh, R. S., Chen, J. J., & Moore, C. T. (2016). Altruism, cooperation, and efficiency: Agricultural production in polygynous households. Economic Development and Cultural Change, 64(4), 661-696.

Akresh, R., de Walque, D., & Kazianga, H. (2016). Evidence from a Randomized Evaluation of the Household Welfare Impacts of Conditional and Unconditional Cash Transfers Given to Mothers or Fathers. (Policy Research Working Papers; No. 7730). World Bank Group.

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