Adam Mohamed Osman

Assistant Professor

Research Interests

Development Economics; Labor Economics; Experimental Methods

Recent Publications

Atkin, D., Khandelwal, A. K., & Osman, A. M. (2017). Exporting and firm performance: Evidence from a randomized experiment. Quarterly Journal of Economics, 132(2), 551-615.

Karlan, D., Osman, A. M., & Zinman, J. (2016). Follow the money not the cash: Comparing methods for identifying consumption and investment responses to a liquidity shock. Journal of Development Economics, 121, 11-23.

El-Gamal, M., El-Komi, M., Karlan, D., & Osman, A. M. (2014). Bank-insured RoSCA for microfinance: Experimental evidence in poor Egyptian villages. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 103.

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