Mark Daniel Bernhardt



Economics, PhD, Carnegie Mellon University

Additional Campus Affiliations

Professor, Finance
Investors in Business Education Distinguished Professor, Gies College of Business

Recent Publications

Bernhardt, D., & Ghosh, M. (2020). Positive and negative campaigning in primary and general elections. Games and Economic Behavior, 119, 98-104.

Barardehi, Y. H., Bernhardt, D., & Davies, R. J. (2019). Trade-time measures of liquidity. Review of Financial Studies, 32(1), 129-179.

Liu, T., & Bernhardt, M. D. (2019). Optimal equity auctions with two-dimensional types. Journal of Economic Theory, 184, [104913].

Shadmehr, M., & Bernhardt, D. (2019). Vanguards in revolution. Games and Economic Behavior, 115, 146-166.

Bernhardt, D., Liu, T., & Marquez, R. (2018). Targeting target shareholders. Management Science, 64(4), 1489-1509.

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