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Mark Daniel Bernhardt



Economics, PhD, Carnegie Mellon University

Additional Campus Affiliations

Professor, Economics
Editor-in-Chief, Bureau of Economic & Business Research, Economics
Investors in Business Education Distinguished Professor, Gies College of Business
Professor, Finance

Recent Publications

Cuevas, C., Bernhardt, D., & Sanclemente, M. (2023). Followers of the pied piper of pensioners. Canadian Journal of Economics, 56(4), 1517-1550.

Cuevas, C., & Bernhardt, D. (2023). When financial advice rocks the market. Emerging Markets Review, 56, Article 101051.

Bernhardt, D., Krasa, S., & Shadmehr, M. (2022). Demagogues and the Economic Fragility of Democracie. American Economic Review, 112(10), 331-3366.

Bernhardt, D., Koufopoulos, K., & Trigilia, G. (2022). Separating equilibria, underpricing and security design. Journal of Financial Economics, 145(3), 788-801.

Bernhardt, D., Constantinou, E., & Shadmehr, M. (2022). When do Co‐located Firms Selling Identical Products Thrive? Journal of Industrial Economics, 70(3), 565-590.

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