George Deltas

Associate Head

Recent Publications

Deltas, G., & Polborn, M. K. (2019). Candidate competition and voter learning in the 2000–2012 US presidential primaries. Public Choice, 178(1-2), 115-151.

Deltas, G., De Silva, D. G., & McComb, R. P. (2019). Spatial persistence of agglomeration in software publishing. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 166, 544-565.

Deltas, G., & Sicotte, R. (2017). Cartel Organization, Price Discrimination, and Selection of Transatlantic Migrants: 1899–1911. Southern Economic Journal, 83(3), 668-704.

Deltas, G., Herrera, H., & Polborn, M. K. (2016). Learning and coordination in the presidential primary system. Review of Economic Studies, 83(4), 1544-1578. [rdv055].

Deltas, G., Harrington, D. R., & Khanna, M. (2014). Green management and the nature of pollution prevention innovation. Applied Economics, 46(5), 465-482.

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