Don Fullerton

Professor of Finance

Additional Campus Affiliations

Professor, Finance
Professor, Agricultural and Consumer Economics
Edward William and Jane Marr Gutgsell Professor, Finance

Recent Publications

Fullerton, D., & Ta, C. L. (2019). Environmental policy on the back of an envelope: A Cobb-Douglas model is not just a teaching tool. Energy Economics.

Fullerton, D., & Muehlegger, E. (2019). Who Bears the Economic Burdens of Environmental Regulations? Review of Environmental Economics and Policy, 13(1), 62-82.

Fullerton, D., & Karney, D. H. (2018). Multiple pollutants, co-benefits, and suboptimal environmental policies. Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 87, 52-71.

Fullerton, D., & Karney, D. H. (2018). POTENTIAL STATE-LEVEL CARBON REVENUE UNDER THE CLEAN POWER PLAN. Contemporary Economic Policy, 36(1), 149-166.

Fullerton, D., & Ta, C. L. (2017). Public finance in a nutshell: A Cobb Douglas teaching tool for general equilibrium tax incidence and excess burden. National Tax Journal, 70(1), 155-170.

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