Don Fullerton


Additional Campus Affiliations

Professor, Finance
Professor, Institute for Sustainability, Energy, and Environment
Professor, Agricultural and Consumer Economics
Edward William and Jane Marr Gutgsell Professor, Finance

Recent Publications

Fullerton, D., & Karney, D. H. (2018). Multiple pollutants, co-benefits, and suboptimal environmental policies. Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 87, 52-71.

Fullerton, D., & Karney, D. H. (2018). POTENTIAL STATE-LEVEL CARBON REVENUE UNDER THE CLEAN POWER PLAN. Contemporary Economic Policy, 36(1), 149-166.

Fullerton, D., & Ta, C. L. (2017). Public finance in a nutshell: A Cobb Douglas teaching tool for general equilibrium tax incidence and excess burden. National Tax Journal, 70(1), 155-170.

Fullerton, D., Gan, L., & Hattori, M. (2015). A model to evaluate vehicle emission incentive policies in Japan. Environmental Economics and Policy Studies, 17(1), 79-108.

Elliott, J., & Fullerton, D. (2014). Can a unilateral carbon tax reduce emissions elsewhere? Resource and Energy Economics, 36(1), 6-21.

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