Firouz Gahvari


Research Interests

Public Economics; environmental economics; welfare economics


Economics, Ph.D., University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA)
Econometrics and Mathematical Economics, M.Sc., University of London (London School of Economics)
Economics, B.Sc., University of London (Queen Mary College)

Recent Publications

Gahvari, F., & Micheletto, L. (2019). Heterogeneity, monetary policy, Mirrleesian taxes, and the Friedman rule. Economic Theory, 67(4), 983-1018.

Cremer, H., & Gahvari, F. (2017). Restoring Ramsey tax lessons to Mirrleesian tax settings: Atkinson–Stiglitz and Ramsey reconciled. Social Choice and Welfare, 49(1), 11-35.

Cremer, H., Gahvari, F., & Pestieau, P. (2017). Uncertain altruism and the provision of long term care. Journal of Public Economics, 151, 12-24.

Gahvari, F., & Micheletto, L. (2016). Capital income taxation and the Atkinson–Stiglitz theorem. Economics Letters, 147, 86-89.

Gahvari, F., & Karimi, S. M. (2016). Export constraint and domestic fiscal reform: Lessons from 2011 subsidy reform in Iran. Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance, 60, 40-57.

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