Seung-Hyun Hong

Associate Professor

Recent Publications

Han, L., & Hong, S-H. (2016). Understanding in-house transactions in the real estate brokerage industry. RAND Journal of Economics, 47(4), 1057-1086.

Choi, J. P., Hong, S-H., & Jeon, S. (2013). Local identity and persistent leadership in market share dynamics: Evidence from deregulation in the Korean soju industry. Korean Economic Review, 29(2), 267-304.

Hong, S-H. (2013). Measuring the Effect of Napster on Recorded Music Sales: Difference-in-Differences Estimates Under Compositional Changes. Journal of Applied Econometrics, 28(2), 297-324.

Hong, S-H., & Rezende, L. (2012). Lock-in and unobserved preferences in server operating systems: A case of Linux vs. Windows. Journal of Econometrics, 167(2), 494-503.

Han, L., & Hong, S-H. (2011). Testing cost inefficiency under free entry in the real estate brokerage industry. Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, 29(4), 564-578.

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