Jorge Lemus

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303 Buttercup Drive
Assistant Professor


Economics, PhD,

Recent Publications

Hovenkamp, E., & Lemus Encalada, J. A. (2018). Delayed entry settlements at the patent office. International Review of Law and Economics, 54, 30-38.

Lemus, J., & Marshall, G. (Accepted/In press). When the clock starts ticking: Measuring strategic responses to TRIPS's patent term change. Research Policy.

Bryan, K. A., & Lemus, J. (2017). The direction of innovation. Journal of Economic Theory, 172, 247-272.

Hermosilla, M. I., & Lemus, J. (2017). Therapeutic Translation in the Wake of the Genome. (NBER Working Paper; No. w23989).

Hovenkamp, E., & Lemus, J. (2017). Proportional Restraints and the Patent System.

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