Lawrence M DeBrock

Dean Emeritus
Professor of Finance
Professor of Economics

Additional Campus Affiliations

Professor, Finance
Professor, Business Administration

Recent Publications

DeBrock, L. M. (2018). The new face-to-face education: Scalable live-engagement. Voprosy Obrazovaniya, 2018(4), 44-59.

DeBrock, L. M., & Linke, C. M. (2016). Estimating the Present Value of a Worker’s Future Earnings Capacity. In Proving and Disproving Damages in Personal Injury Cases Springfield, IL: Illinois Institute for Continuing Legal Education.

DeBrock, L. M., Hendricks, W., & Koenker, R. W. (2004). Pay and Performance: The Impact of Salary Distribution on Firm-Level Outcomes in Baseball. Journal of Sports Economics, 5(3), 243-261.

Hendricks, W., DeBrock, L. M., & Koenker, R. W. (2003). Uncertainty, Hiring, and Subsequent Performance: The NFL Draft. Journal of Labor Economics, 21(4), 857-885.

Linke, C. M., & DeBrock, L. M. (2002). Valuing Employer FICA Contributions in an Analysis of Diminished Earnings Capacity. Journal of Forensic Economics, 15(2), 165-172.

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