Nolan H Miller

Professor of Finance and Julian Simon Faculty Fellow

Additional Campus Affiliations

Director, Center for Business & Public Policy, Gies College of Business
Julian Simon Faculty Fellow, Gies College of Business
Professor, Finance

Recent Publications

Jensen, R., & Miller, N. H. (2018). Market integration, demand, and the growth of firms: Evidence from a natural experiment in India. American Economic Review, 108(12), 3583-3625.

Heutel, G., Miller, N., & Molitor, D. (2017). Adaptation and the Mortality Effects of Temperature Across U.S. Climate Regions. (NBER Working Paper; No. w23271).

Deryugina, T., Heutel, G., Miller, N., Molitor, D., & Reif, J. (2016). The Mortality and Medical Costs of Air Pollution: Evidence from Changes in Wind Direction. (NBER Working Paper; No. w22796).

Al-Ississ, M. M., & Miller, N. H. (2013). What does health reform mean for the health care industry? Evidence from the massachusetts special senate election. American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, 5(3), 1-29.

Miller, N. H., Wagner, A. F., & Zeckhauser, R. J. (2013). Solomonic separation: Risk decisions as productivity indicators. Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, 46(3), 265-297.

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