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Peter Christensen

Assistant Professor (Ag. and Consumer Economics)

Additional Campus Affiliations

Adjunct Associate Professor, Agricultural and Consumer Economics

Recent Publications

Christensen, P., Francisco, P. W., Myers, E., Shao, H., & Souza, M. (2024). Energy efficiency can deliver for climate policy: Evidence from machine learning-based targeting. Journal of Public Economics, 234, Article 105098.

Christensen, P., Osman, A., & Stocker, A. (2024). Weathering the ride: Experimental evidence on transport pricing, climate extremes, and future travel demand. Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 125, Article 102978.

Christensen, P., Francisco, P., Myers, E., & Souza, M. (2023). DECOMPOSING THE WEDGE BETWEEN PROJECTED AND REALIZED RETURNS IN ENERGY EFFICIENCY PROGRAMS. Review of Economics and Statistics, 105(4), 798-817.

Christensen, P., Keiser, D. A., & Lade, G. E. (2023). Economic Effects of Environmental Crises: Evidence from Flint, Michigan. American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, 15(1), 196-232.

Christensen, P., & Timmins, C. (2023). The Damages and Distortions from Discrimination in the Rental Housing Market. Quarterly Journal of Economics, 138(4), 2505-2557. Article qjad029.

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