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Stefan Krasa

Director of Doctoral Programs

Additional Campus Affiliations

Professor, Economics
Director of Doctoral Programs, Economics

Recent Publications

Hwang, I., & Krasa, S. (2023). Leadership ability and agenda choice. Games and Economic Behavior, 142, 179-192.

Bernhardt, D., Krasa, S., & Shadmehr, M. (2022). Demagogues and the Economic Fragility of Democracie. American Economic Review, 112(10), 331-3366.

Bowen, R., Hwang, I., & Krasa, S. (2022). Personal power dynamics in bargaining. Journal of Economic Theory, 205, Article 105530.

Bowen, R., Hwang, I., & Krasa, S. (2020). Agenda-Setter Power Dynamics: Learning in Multi-Issue Bargaining. (NBER Working Paper Series; No. 27981). National Bureau of Economic Research.

Howell, W., Krasa, S., & Polborn, M. (2020). Political Conflict over Time. American Journal of Political Science, 64(3), 554-568.

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