Russell Michael Weinstein

Assistant Professor

Additional Campus Affiliations

Assistant Professor, School of Labor and Employment Relations

Recent Publications

Weinstein, R. M. (2018). Employer screening costs, recruiting strategies, and labor market outcomes: An equilibrium analysis of on-campus recruiting. Labour Economics, 55, 282-299.

Weinstein, R. M. (2018). Dynamic responses to labor demand shocks: Evidence from the financial industry in Delaware. Journal of Urban Economics, 106, 27-45.

Weinstein, R. (2017). Geography and Employer Recruiting. (IZA Discussion Paper; No. 11224).

Weinstein, R. (2017). Employer Screening Costs, Recruiting Strategies, and Labor Market Outcomes: An Equilibrium Analysis of On-Campus Recruiting. (IZA Discussion Paper; No. 10912).

Weinstein, R. (2017). University Selectivity, Initial Job Quality, and Longer-Run Salary. (IZA Discussion Paper; No. 10911).

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