Russell Michael Weinstein

Assistant Professor

Additional Campus Affiliations

Assistant Professor, School of Labor and Employment Relations

Recent Publications

Weinstein, R. (2018). Dynamic responses to labor demand shocks: Evidence from the financial industry in Delaware. Journal of Urban Economics, 106, 27-45.

Weinstein, R. M. (2018). Employer screening costs, recruiting strategies, and labor market outcomes: An equilibrium analysis of on-campus recruiting. Labour Economics, 55, 282-299.

Weinstein, R. (2017). Dynamic Responses to Labor Demand Shocks: Evidence from the Financial Industry in Delaware.

Weinstein, R. (2017). Employer Screening Costs, Recruiting Strategies, and Labor Market Outcomes: An Equilibrium Analysis of On-Campus Recruiting. (IZA Discussion Paper; No. 10912).

Weinstein, R. (2017). Geography and Employer Recruiting. (IZA Discussion Paper; No. 11224).

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