Shebik Centennial Economics Scholarship

The Shebik Centennial Economics Scholarship was created to provide financial need-based scholarships to diverse students enrolled in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences who are majoring in economics. The Shebik family has a long legacy with the University of Illinois. In the Department of Economics, Mrs. Megan Shebik is a 1980 alumna with a career of 25 years of consulting in the field of philanthropy. Prior to that, she was employed with the Chicago branch of Kemper National Insurance, with her expertise focused in underwriting management. Mr. Steve Shebik is a 1978 alumnus of the College of Business with undergraduate degrees in Finance and Accountancy and an MBA from the University of Chicago in Finance and Statistics. Son Brian Shebik is a 2016 alumnus with degrees in Economics and Finance and the Master of Science in Analytics degree at the University of Chicago.  Son Matthew Shebik is a 2018 alumnus with a degree in Economics and minors in both Statistics and Business. He also has a Master of Science in Finance degree from the Stuart School of Business at Illinois Technology, in Chicago. Daughter Sarah is a 2019 alumna with a Psychology major and a Business minor and has a Master degree in Forensic Psychology at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Steve’s mother, Mrs. Phyllis Shebik, is a 1938 alumna in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, general curriculum. The family has a long spanning history of volunteer work, philanthropy and community involvement with broad reaching efforts in organizations like the Boy Scouts of America, the 1867 Society Council Registered Student Organization at the University of Illinois, non-profit charitable organizations, among others. The Department of Economics, and the University of Illinois, are grateful for the support of our students and programs by the Shebik family.

Please read eligibility for this scholarship before you apply.

Eligibility: A currently declared Economics student who has completed at least one full-time semester at UIUC with unmet financial need, who demonstrates that the funds would go to support general educational attainment, alleviate some financial burden, and/or provide funding assistance towards an additional academic experience.

Application: Submit the online scholarship application, a résumé/CV, and two essays. In the first essay (100-500 words), describe how your interest in economics developed and how you expect your economics major to contribute to your future education and/or career goals. In the second essay (100-500 words) explain how the financial support from the scholarship will aid you in advancing your education.


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2023 Michelle Audisho, Jaqueline Hernandez & Serena Popatia
2022 Michelle Audisho, Jennifer Guerrero & Serena Popatia
2021 Eliana Cox & Dane Pongos
2020 Hana Abbed, Yael Dohn, Zakiya Hill & Shawn Vetticad
2019 Hana Abbed, Anton Hall, Alyssa Kern & Natalia Plichta
2018 Miranda McNaughton, Brianna Devitt & Quinn Ramirez