Harris, Donald J.


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Value, Capital, and Distributions; Growth and Development; Alternative Approaches; The US Economy,  and Jamaica and Caribbean Economies


Donald J. Harris was at the department just one year after his PhD from U of California, Berkeley. He went on to Northwestern for one year, U of Wisconsin, 1968-1972, and Stanford, 1972-1998 when he retired to spend more time on developing public policies to promote growth and advance social equity.

His writings are in 5 major fields: value, capital, and distributions; growth + development; alternative approaches; the US economy; and Jamaica and Caribbean economies. He has about 100 publications in these fields. Born in Jamaica, he is a naturalized US citizen. His daughter is Kamala Harris, former attorney general of California and current junior senator from California.


University of California at Berkeley, 1966


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  • Harris, Donald J. Jamaica's Export Economy: Towards a Strategy of Export-Led Growth. Kingston W.I: Ian Randle Publishers in association with Jamaica Exporters' Association, 1997. Print.
  • Harris, Donald J. Fiduciary Compensation: Obtaining "reasonable" Fees in Trusts and Estates. , 1992. Print.
  • Harris, Donald J. Determinants of Aggregate Export Performance of Caribbean Countries : a Comparative Analysis of Barbados, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, and Trinidad and Tobago. Washington, DC: Integration and Regional Programs Dept., Inter-American Development Bank, 1995. Print.
  • Bujarin, Nicolai, and Donald J. Harris. The Economic Theory of the Leisure Class. New York: Monthly Review Press, 1970. Print.

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