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Philip Locklin came to the University of Illinois in 1922 as Instructor for the Department of Economics.  He would complete his doctorate in 1926, progress through the academic ranks to full professor, and go on to teach with the department for 43 years.

An internationally recognized expert in Transportation, Professor Locklin would write four books during his tenure, including Economics of Transportation, published in 1935, the first book of the Irwin series of Economics and a major work in its field through seven editions.

Professor Locklin was one of the first recipients of the Distinguished Service Award granted by the Transportation and Public Utilities Group of the American Economics Association.  As a consultant, he worked with the Interstate Commerce Commission, the Maritime Commission, and the governments of Burma, Argentina, and Canada.

Professor Locklin would hold the honorable McKinley Professorship of Economics and Public Utilities from 1945 to 1965, the year of his retirement from the university.  He would be lauded as one of the department's most distinguished faculty, and an iconic expert in his chosen field of study, Transportation.


University of Illinois, 1926


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