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International Economics


Professor Millar was considered a renowned Soviet Union specialist. He led a panel of the House Pursuant Select Committee to review the CIA’s estimates of Soviet economic growth and defense expenditures from 1970 to 1991. The conclusion was that the CIA estimates of Soviet defense spending could have been improved with input from scholars of agencies [such as] the International Monetary Fund.

Dr. Millar joined the faculty at the University of Illinois, Department of Economics, in 1965.  He later on served as Director of International Programs and Studies, and Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs at Illinois.   In 1989, he joined George Washington University's as a professor of economics and international affairs at the Elliott School of International Affairs. Before retiring in 2004, he served administratively as both the Associate Dean and Interim Dean for the Elliott School.   During his career he wrote over 100 articles and book chapters and was the editor of the Slavic Review from 1975-1980. More about his career here.

The National Council for Eurasian and East European Research NCEEER awards a Graduate Student Prize each year for the best graduate research paper in honor of Millar.  NCEER said about him:

       "Professor James R. Millar undertook cutting-edge research in the vitally important nexus between
        scholarly research and effective policy making, holding prominent positions in several major research
       universities and as a key advisor to the U.S. government on numerous occasions. Professor Millar
      mentored many leading scholars of the Eurasian and East European studies field and played a key role
      in building up the field in a variety of academic and administrative settings. He also served as past Editor
      of Problems of Post-Communism, ensuring the high research quality of the journal as ownership transferred
      from the U.S. government to the private sector
".  (source)

James Millar died November 30, 2008.


Cornell University


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