Undergraduate Courses

We offer a variety of courses within different fields of economics. Students begin with the Introductory Microeconomic (ECON 102) and Macroeconomic (ECON 103) courses, then move into Economic Statistics and Intermediate Theory courses, and finally into our Advanced Courses which include topics in health, econometrics, environmental policy, public sector, development, competition and monopoly, and so much more!

ECON 400 Level Electives

Every semester we offer an event run by our Economics Ambassadors called ECON 400 Level Info Night. This is a great opportunity for students to learn more about what 400 level electives will be offered and which would be the best fit according to interests. For Fall 2020, we offered the event via zoom. If you are unsure of what courses would fit your interests, please view the event below!



400 Level Electives by semester