Required Courses
Course Hours
Macroeconomic Theory 8 hrs.
Microeconomic Theory 8 hrs.
Statistics & Econometrics 8 hrs.
Field Electives* 24 hrs.
Workshops & Research Seminars 16 hrs.
Thesis Hours Required (minimum/maximum applied toward degree) 32 hrs.
Other Requirements
Research Paper Submitted prior to the start of the third year of study & Approved by the end of the third year
Minimum GPA 3.0 (except as noted above)
Qualifying Exam Required?** Yes
Preliminary Exam Required? Yes
Final Exam/Dissertation Defense Required?*** Yes
Dissertation Deposit Required? Yes
Total Number of Years (average) 5 years

Optional: A not-for-credit Math Camp after campus orientation, consisting of 12 hours of instruction.

* Candidates must also successfully complete two fields through coursework and/or a written examination. A research paper must be submitted prior to the start of the third year and approved prior to the end of that year. Students who fail to meet these deadlines will have reduced financial support and be placed on academic probation. Unless they return to good standing by satisfying the requirement, they will be dropped from the program at the end of the following semester.

** Students must pass comprehensive qualifying examinations on Econometrics, Macroeconomics and Microeconomics. Those who fail the comprehensive examinations will have a 2nd chance in the start of the fall semester and a 3rd chance at the end of the fourth semester (in this 3rd chance students will take the exams with the first year students of the next cohort). Students who have failed the 3rd chance will not be allowed to register for the following year. Upon meeting course and GPA requirements, students will be eligible to receive a master's degree in Economics, provided they have not previously received such a degree from another institution. (View our Master of Science Page for more information)

*** A dissertation is also required. In addition, candidates are required to give an oral defense of the dissertation proposal and pass an oral final examination covering the research.

See "Application" section for an instruction on how to apply to the program