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The mission of Econ Ambassadors is to represent the Department of Economics in various capacities and act as a student advisory committee for the Undergraduate Studies Office. Econ Ambassadors are selected from declared Economics Undergraduate Majors in their sophomore, junior, or senior year, have strong academics, demonstrated leadership and involvement, and show a commitment to the Department, College, and University both while in school and as alumni. Econ Ambassadors are provided with special opportunities for field trips, leadership/teambuilding experiences, meetings with alumni, and more.

Information about our program:
Founded in 2014 as an extension of the Economics Department, we focus on planning events to help engage students socially, academically, and professionally. Having at least one event in each category a semester. Ambassadors also run our major events such as convocation pre-check, homecoming, and finals prep. Ambassadors are also responsible for meeting with prospective and admitted students to talk about experiences in college!

Meet our Econ Ambassadors!


Questions about the Econ Ambassador program? Please email the Undergraduate Economics Office or Stefanie Freeman 

Application Information and Benefits

Applications for the 2024-2025 Academic Year will open in March!

Give at least a one-year commitment (Two+ Semesters) 
Declared Economics Student
Economics Major GPA of 2.5 or higher & in good academic standing
*Prefer students who are already actively involved on campus, or show the desire to be involved.

Throughout your experience and service as an Economics Ambassador, you will experience many personal and professional benefits such as:
Public Speaking and Communication Skills: Being able to communicate information in a clear and engaging way is a skill that will serve you well throughout your life. As a Economics Ambassador, you will have many opportunities to develop and strengthen these skills by serving on student panels, meeting with prospective students and their families, and possibly giving presentations during summer orientation. 
Customer Service: Ambassadors represent the Illinois Economics Department a positive, friendly, and encouraging manner. You will learn what it means to provide the highest level of customer service and the impact of your interactions with current and potential students.
Networking: Not only will you have the option to interact with fellow Economics students, faculty, and staff; but you will also have the opportunity to have special networking lunches, dinners, and happy hours with distinguished alumni.
Leadership: Your experience in the Economics Ambassadors hinges on what you put into it. If you are interested in gaining leadership skills within our program, there are elected positions which manage and govern the organization from social and professional development events, community service, and campus involvement. Additionally, there is a fall class component "leadership seminar".
Friendship and Memories: Being an Economics Ambassador is a rewarding experience that will create lasting friendships and great memories.

Meet our Econ Ambassadors!