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  • This fall, 86 new students entered the MSPE Program. This class is represented by 10 different countries (3 Brazil, 70 China, 1 Egypt, 1 Honduras, 2 India, 1 Indonesia, 2 Saudi Arabia, 1 South Korea, 1 Thailand, and 4 USA). These students joined the 45 continuing students in the MSPE Program.
  • 51 new students entered the MSPE Program this fall. This new class hailed from 7 different countries around the world (41 China, 1 Egypt 2 Guatemala, 1 Indonesia, 1 Saudi Arabia, 1 South Korea, and 4 U.S.). These students joined the 73 continuing students in the program.
  • 84 new students entered the MSPE Program this fall.
  • The STEM designation allows MSPE graduates, who participate in Optional Practical Training (OPT) with an employer in the United States, to file a request for a two-year extension to the normal one year of OPT.