Anil K Bera


Additional Campus Affiliations

Professor, Finance
Professor, Agricultural and Consumer Economics

Recent Publications

Taşpınar, S., Doğan, O., & Bera, A. K. (2019). Heteroskedasticity-consistent covariance matrix estimators for spatial autoregressive models. Spatial Economic Analysis, 14(2), 241-268.

Arbia, G., Bera, A. K., Doğan, O., & Taşpınar, S. (2019). Testing Impact Measures in Spatial Autoregressive Models. International Regional Science Review.

Park, S. Y., & Bera, A. K. (2018). Information theoretic approaches to income density estimation with an application to the U.S. income data. Journal of Economic Inequality, 16(4), 461-486.

Kao, S. Y. H., & Bera, A. K. (2018). Testing spatial regression models under nonregular conditions. Empirical Economics, 55(1), 85-111.

Doğan, O., Taṣpınar, S., & Bera, A. K. (2018). Simple tests for social interaction models with network structures. Spatial Economic Analysis, 13(2), 212-246.

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