Stephen Lawrence Parente

Associate Professor

Recent Publications

Desmet, K., & Parente, S. L. (2014). Resistance to technology adoption: The rise and decline of guilds. Review of Economic Dynamics, 17(3), 437-458.

Seim, A. L., & Parente, S. L. (2013). Democracy as a middle ground: A unified theory of development and political regimes. European Economic Review, 64, 35-56.

Parente, S. L., & Desmet, K. (2013). Resistance to Technology Adoption the Rise and Decline of Guilds. London: Centre for Economic Policy Research.

Desmet, K., & Parente, S. L. (2012). The evolution of markets and the revolution of industry: A unified theory of growth. Journal of Economic Growth, 17(3), 205-234.

Desmet, K., & Parente, S. L. (2010). Bigger is better: Market size, demand elasticity, and innovation. International Economic Review, 51(2), 319-333.

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