José Cantero Sienra

Jose Cantero Sienra

José Cantero Sienra (MSPE '00), Economist, has been appointed as a Full Member of the Board of the Central Bank of Paraguay on July 28, 2017, for a period of five years.

He holds a Master's Degree in International Finance (University of Illinois); Master's Degree in Economic Policy (University of Illinois); Bachelor of Economics (BS) (University of Kansas); Bachelor of Political Science (BS) (University of Kansas).

His academic experience covers teaching in undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Master of Business Administration, in courses of Business Strategy, Macroeconomics, Currency and Banking, Edan-UCSA; Master's degree, Economics course, MADE-UCA; teacher of Monetary Theory and Monetary Policy, UCA. He has also been a member of the Academic Council of Edan as a Member of the same.

In the labor field, it is worth noting that he joined the Central Bank of Paraguay in 1996, performing functions as an economic analyst in the Monetary Policy Division (1996-2000); He then served as Head of the Section of Financial Studies (2000-2001), Head of the Financial Studies Division (2001-2004) and finally as Director of Monetary and Financial Studies (2005-2006).

In the public service he also stood out as Economic Adviser. Vice-president of the Republic; and in the Ministry of Finance as a Consultant hired by the United Nations.

In the private sector, he served as Managing Director and Deputy General Manager in Interfisa Banco; Economic Advisor (ADEFI) Association of Financial Institutions; Director of the Center for Economic Studies, UIP. He also served as Director Editor, Magazine FOCO Economía y Negocios.

It should be noted that he has also made several publications among which are: Think as Socrates (to be published); Paraguay, Atrocity, Traffic Jam, Boom and Reinvention; The Guarani. 70 years of Stability (co-author); Macroeconomics for Entrepreneurs; Monetary and Financial Economy, an approach from Paraguay. Central Banking: An Introduction (co-author).

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