On-Campus Recruiting

On-campus recruiting is an excellent way to connect with outstanding students at the Department of Economics. Our Career Coordinator will work with you to help you create a successful recruitment strategy. Among the benefits of conducting first round of interviews on campus are the opportunity to meet with a large number of students in a short period of time, increased visibility and presence for your company, and the demonstrated commitment to hiring from Econ.

Events that we assist with

Information Sessions
Information sessions are a valuable component to a holistic recruitment strategy. We help reserve facilities on campus to conduct information sessions throughout the academic year. The most effective time of the year to hold information sessions is 2-4 weeks before your job posting resume submission deadline. 

On-Campus Interviews
On-campus interviews are very effective in terms of meeting and speaking with a variety of students. We have interview suites ready for you to conduct interviews throughout the academic year. 

Field Trips
Field trips are the perfect way to bring students closer to your company. We organize such events and take students to your site for a short visit, which may include a company presentation. 

The topics of workshops vary. You may come and talk about the recruiting / interviewing process at your company, the specific career / title that you are hiring, a development program that your company is offering, or simply sharing you insights on business professionalism. We help reserve facilities on campus throughout the academic year. 

And more...

To submit your request please email econ-careers@illinois.edu