Teaching Resources


Standalone gradebook for instructors to use, and students may view.  Gradebook Website

Scantron Results

Electronically distribute results from the results of a scantron exam from the files provided by CITL.  Scantron Results Website

Photo Roster

Simple to use, yearbook style format of photos to help instructors associate the names and faces of their students.  Photo Roster Website

Exam Attendance

Offers professors and other unit members a check-in interface that will both save time for exam proctors and ensure the identity of students taking an exam. Combining information from the course roster with the student’s i-card, checking in and out of an exam just became as simple as a card swipe.  Exam Attendance Website

Academic Integrity (Violations)

Student Code Academic Integrity and Procedure

LAS Academic Integrity Process


Campus' student code states that it's the responsibility of each student to refrain from infractions of academic integrity, from conduct that may lead to suspicion of such infractions, and from conduct that aids others in such infractions.

The student code also state that it's instructors' responsibility to establish and maintain an environment that supports academic integrity. An essential part of each instructor's responsibility is the enforcement of existing standards of academic integrity. If instructors do not discourage and act upon violations of which they become aware, respect for those standards is undermined. Instructors should provide their students with a clear statement of their expectations concerning academic integrity.