Time Entry (Payroll) Instructions

Certain Civil Service & Student Hourly Employees must complete biweekly time-entry. 

Please check with your supervisor and/or the ECON Human Resources to ensure the proper method of entry (paper time sheet versus online web entry).

Bi-weekly submissions must be approved by your supervisor.

Payroll Schedule

The pay period is biweekly and starts on a Sunday and end on Saturday.
Your time sheet dates need to correspond to the dates on the payroll schedule.

Submit to the Business Office every other Friday by 4:30pm (unless otherwise noted for holidays). Make sure you have secured your supervisor's signature prior to submitting, or they submit on your behalf

If you work on the Saturday after the paycheck is due, please coordinate with econ-business@illinois.edu (submitting before 10am Monday morning, but please check as there are holidays requiring earlier submissions).

Staff Pay Periods Schedule AY 2019 (pdf)

Staff Pay Periods Schedule AY 2020 (pdf)

Human Resource Staff Pay Periods & Salary Info

View the OBFS Payroll Schedule (please note: our ECON office must have your time entry by the Friday before, in order to submit on-time)

Conversion chart for minutes to tenths of hours
1-2 min .0 33-38 min .6
3-8 min .1 39-44 min .7
9-14 min .2 45-50 min .8
15-20 min .3 51-56 min .9
21-26 min .4 57-60 min 1.
27-32 min .5


Should be reflected on the time sheet (use multiple lines for one day if needed).