MSPE Courses

Course Information

All MSPE (Master of Science: Policy Economics) courses are restricted to students in this program. No overrides will be provided.

MSPE courses are typically ECON 500-519 (some ECON 590's are also restricted to MSPE).

Students must complete two or more elective courses listed under a particular specialization; at least one of the courses must be at the 500 level.

Core (mandatory)

Advanced Econometrics

  • Time Series Analysis in Econ (Econ 504)* Syllabus Video
  • Applied Econometrics for Micro* (Econ 590) Syllabus
  • Or Econometric Ph.D. courses subject to having the prerequisite with the approval of academic advisor.

*Prerequisite courses are Economic Statistics (Econ 502) and Econometrics (Econ 503) unless student has strong statistical/econometrics background.

Development Economics

  • Development and Growth Policy (Econ 519) Syllabus
  • Development: Theory and Evidence (Econ 590) Syllabus
  • Development Economics (Econ 590) Syllabus

Environment and Natural Resources

  • Environment and Development (Ace 411) Syllabus
  • Advanced Natural Resource Economics (Econ 548/Ace 510) Syllabus
  • Environmental Economics (Econ 549/Ace 516)
  • Environmental Economics (Econ 415) Syllabus

Industrial Organization

  • Introduction to Game Theory (Econ 505) Syllabus
  • Industrial Organization (Econ 590) Syllabus
  • Government Regulation of Economic Activity (Econ 481) Syllabus
  • Economics of Innovation and Technology (Econ 483) Syllabus

International Economics

Labor Economics

  • Labor Market Regulations Around the World (Econ 590) Syllabus
  • Economics of Labor Markets (Econ 440) Syllabus
  • Collective Bargaining (Econ 542) Syllabus
  • Economics of the Workplace (Econ 447) Syllabus
  • Employee Compensation and Incentives (Econ 448) Syllabus

Law and Economics

Monetary Economics

Public Economics

  • Economics of Taxation (Econ 510) Syllabus
  • Public Goods Theory (Econ 511) Syllabus
  • Social Insurance (Econ 590) Syllabus

Urban and Regional Economics

In addition to above fields, it is possible to construct new fields. You need the approval of your academic advisor.

Other Recommended Electives

  • Public Sector Economics (Econ 411) Syllabus
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis (Econ 417) Syllabus
  • Health Economics (Econ 418) Syllabus
  • Women in the Economy (Econ 442) Syllabus
  • Financial Economics (Econ 460) Syllabus
  • Econometrics of Policy Evaluation (Econ 474) Syllabus
  • Industrial Competition & Monopoly (Econ 480) Syllabus
  • Business Cycles & Economic Growth (Econ 490) Syllabus
  • Economics of Coordination (Econ 490) Syllabus
  • Macroeconometric Policy Analysis (Econ 490) Syllabus
  • Macro Labor Markets (Econ 490) Syllabus
  • Nonlinear Econometric Models (Econ 490) Syllabus
  • Political Economy (Econ 490) Syllabus
  • Predictive Analytics (Econ 490) Syllabus
  • Topics in Econometrics (Econ 490) Syllabus
  • Introduction to Finance (Fin 500, MSPE Section) Syllabus
  • Investments (Fin 511) Syllabus
  • Financial Derivatives(Fin 512) Syllabus
  • Linear Algebra related courses (Math 410/415/416/417--any of these)
  • Real Analysis related courses (Math 444/447--either of these)
  • Applied Regression and Design (Stat 425)
  • Statistical Data Management (Stat 440)
  • Advanced Data Analysis (Stat 448)