MSPE Courses

Course Information

All MSPE (Master of Science: Policy Economics) courses are restricted to students in this program. No overrides will be provided.

MSPE courses are typically ECON 500-519 (some ECON 590's are also restricted to MSPE).

Students must complete two or more elective courses listed under a particular specialization; at least one of the courses must be at the 500 level.

Core (mandatory)

Advanced Econometrics

  • Time Series Analysis in Econ (Econ 504)* Prof. Shin; Prof. Agiakloglou
  • Applied Econometrics for Micro* (Econ 590)
  • Or Econometric Ph.D. courses subject to having the prerequisite with the approval of academic advisor.

*Prerequisite courses are Economic Statistics (Econ 502) and Econometrics (Econ 503) unless student has strong statistical/econometrics background.

Development Economics

  • Development and Growth Policy (Econ 519)
  • Development: Theory and Evidence (Econ 590)
  • Development Economics (Econ 590)

Environment and Natural Resources

  • Environment and Development (Ace 411)
  • Advanced Natural Resource Economics (Econ 548/Ace 510)
  • Environmental Economics (Econ 549/Ace 516)
  • Environmental Economics (Econ 415)

Industrial Organization

  • Introduction to Game Theory (Econ 505)
  • Industrial Organization (Econ 590)
  • Government Regulation of Economic Activity (Econ 481)
  • Economics of Innovation and Technology (Econ 483)

International Economics

Labor Economics

  • Labor Market Regulations Around the World (Econ 590)
  • Economics of Labor Markets (Econ 440)
  • Collective Bargaining (Econ 542)
  • Economics of the Workplace (Econ 447)
  • Employee Compensation and Incentives (Econ 448)

Law and Economics

Monetary Economics

Public Economics

Urban and Regional Economics

  • Regional Economics (Econ 590)
  • Urban Economics (Econ 414)
  • Economics for Planners (UP 509)

In addition to above fields, it is possible to construct new fields. You need the approval of your academic advisor.

Other Recommended Electives

  • Public Sector Economics (Econ 411)
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis (Econ 417)
  • Health Economics (Econ 418)
  • Women in the Economy (Econ 442)
  • Financial Economics (Econ 460)
  • Political Economy (Econ 490)
  • Macro Labor Markets (Econ 490)
  • Business Cycles & Economic Growth (Econ 490)
  • Introduction to Finance (Fin 500): Section for MSPE students
  • Investments (Fin 511)
  • Financial Derivatives (Fin 512)
  • Linear Algebra related courses (Math 410/415/416/417--any of these)
  • Real Analysis related courses (Math 444/447--either of these)
  • Applied Regression and Design (Stat 425)
  • Statistical Data Management (Stat 440)
  • Advanced Data Analysis (Stat 448)