Proficiency Exams

Many exams allow students to try and earn proficiency credit on-campus. Proficiency exams are offered at various times depending on the department. Visit the Placement & Proficiency Website for All Available Exams

Economics Proficiency Exams

We offer Proficiency Exams for Microeconomic Principles (ECON 102) & Macroeconomic Principles (ECON 103) to current Illinois students at the beginning and end of each semester (on-campus), and once during the summer (online).

  • Micro & Macro exams may only be attempted one time each
  • Students are given 2 hours to take the exam (may finish early)
  • Exams are multiple-choice with 40 questions
  • The passing score of 85% is set by the Economics Department and demonstrates knowledge within the subject area

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Upcoming Economics Proficiency Exams

Term Date(s) Location Sign-Up
Fall 2022

Tuesday, August 30th

Wednesday, August 31st

DKH (exact location emailed 8/29)

Registration Opens Monday, July 25th at 8am CST

Form will close Thursday, August 25th at 12pm CST

Fall 2022 (November) TBD TBD Coming in October
Spring 2023 (January) TBD TBD Coming in December
Spring 2023 (April) TBD TBD Coming in February


Cancellations & Missed Exams

If you would like to cancel your exam reservation, please email at least 24 hours before your scheduled exam. *Online students will also need to cancel with ProctorU*

Students who miss the exam without notifying the Department of Economics will not be provided another attempt to take that exam, unless approved by the Undergraduate Office. Only one cancellation per exam will be allowed.