Course Substitutions

We recommend students take courses within the economics discipline for their degree as these courses are specifically designed to teach students economic methods, analysis, and understanding, and prepare students for more advanced economics courses.


The below criteria should be considered with substitutions:

  • Some substitutions will show automatically within the DARS (Degree Audit) in the curriculum, and others may need to be submitted by an Econ Advisor.
    • Econ MINORS (not majors): If you substitute an approved course for Econ 202, you will need to contact an Econ Advisor so that they can submit a Minor Modification form to process this course substitution. 
  • These substitutions are only for the economics declaration criteria and to be used within the Econ majors/minor.
    • Substitutions are not applicable to any other majors/minors; you must discuss any substitutions with the overseeing department/unit.
  • Non-ECON substitutions will not count within the Economics Major/Minor required hours.
    • There may be a minimum number of hours of ECON courses required (for example, BALAS Economics requires 30 hours in ECON). Substitutions outside of the ECON department may require taking additional ECON courses to satisfy the "minimum hours of Economics" degree requirement. Check your DARS (degree audit) to track your total ECON hours.
  • Substitutions may not prepare students for additional courses within the curriculum. Students should assess their own understanding and preparation within the content area before continuing into the next course.
Other Course Substitutions

Please visit the curriculum pages for more details on the requirements and substitutions:


Econometrics & Quantitative Economics


Economics Minor

We will NOT accept any substitutes for any other courses within the Economics Majors/Minor (only ECON 102, 103, and 202 may be substituted) unless listed on the above requirement pages.

Evaluation of Substitution Courses

All accepted course substitutions are listed above. At this time the department is not taking additional courses under review.