Transfer Course Information

Taking courses off-campus and want to transfer them here?
You are taking an Economics course OR you are an Econ Student?
...this is your guide, so please read closely

  • Determining how transfer credits are applied to satisfy your graduation requirements can be complicated.
    • Some credits may transfer as specific U of I courses, and therefore satisfy specific degree requirements. Others may transfer only as hours of credit in a general area, and therefore as open electives only. Work with your academic advisor to determine how your transfer credits may be applied in your program.
  • Transfer courses must be taken for a letter grade!
    • When you transfer them to UIUC, they will show on your transcript as 'CR' or 'TR' (see GPA Section).
    • Transfer courses may be used to fulfill requirements (gen eds, econ major requirement, and supporting coursework), despite showing as 'TR' or 'CR' as they were initially taken for a letter grade. (Only courses taken at UIUC as CR/NC may not be used for requirements).
  • Study Abroad Courses: Please go to the Study Abroad Website, or the Econ Study Abroad Page as the below information does not apply