Majors & Minor

The Department of Economics offers different Bachelor Degree options as well as a Minor. Please visit the below pages to learn more about each program.

Economics Major

Provides a strong foundation of economics, statistics, and calculus, and requires supporting coursework outside the major selected based on the student’s interest and future goals, and approved by the Department. Students may take economics courses within a variety of areas, or focus on a specific area of interest, including Behavioral, Financial, Political, International, Public, and many more. BALAS Degree (Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts & Sciences)

Econometrics & Quantitative Economics Major

Provides students with a quantitative curriculum, consisting of economics (specifically in econometrics), statistics, mathematics, and computer science. Students will be trained in advanced data analysis skills to answer economic questions, uncovering relationships, while taking all information into account. STEM designated*; BSLAS Degree (Bachelor of Science in Liberal Arts & Sciences)

Computer Science + Economics Major

An integrated major of computer science and economics coursework, providing students with enhanced quantitative analysis and computational skills. Students will not only be able to work with large datasets (“Big Data”), but they will be able to create, analyze, and interpret this information. The major will prepare students for a variety of fields, such as banking, finance, insurance, policy centers, and government agencies, as well as various graduate programs. STEM designated*; BSLAS Degree (Bachelor of Science in Liberal Arts & Sciences)

Economics Minor

Enables students not majoring in economics to conduct comprehensive study within the discipline of economics. Students will take a set of core economics courses and then choose one of the tracks for their elective courses.

Minor Tracks:

*STEM designation allows International Students to apply for a 24-month extension of the Optional Practical Training (OPT) following graduation.