Spring Details & Restrictions

Spring 2021


In order to provide declared Economics Majors with courses to fulfill their degree requirements, we allow them to have Priority Registration. Restrictions are placed on select courses to ensure they are given first choice.

  • ECON 198: Always restricted. No overrides provided.
  • ECON 303: Always restricted. Unless otherwise listed below.
  • ECON 400's: Always restricted. Unless otherwise listed below.

100-300 level courses are not restricted, unless they are special sections (information may be found in the Course Explorer).

Have any questions or requests? Please email econug@illinois.edu

Restriction Schedule



Date Available

Dual-Degrees & Triple-Majors

Contact econug@illinois.edu (send your UIN, name, your curriculum, and requested courses- using your @illinois.edu email) for major overrides prior to registration.

We will verify you are declared and will email you confirmation when overrides have been processed.

Please meet with an Econ Advisor often to confirm your degree requirements.


ECON Exchange Students

Overrides provided by emailing our office (send your UIN, name, exchange program, and requested courses- using your @illinois.edu email).

Once confirmed, we will process your overrides as soon as possible.


Non-ECON Exchange Students

We are unable to guarantee overrides into restricted courses.

You may talk with your Illinois Program Advisor to see if there is a prior agreement with ECON regarding courses.

Please email our office (send your UIN, name, exchange program, and requested courses- using your @illinois.edu email).


ECON Minor Students

Approved Minor Students will be able to register for restricted courses on this date. Ensure that you have been approved for the Econ Minor, and your College has added the minor to your record (this may take 2-4 weeks to process).

We will not provide overrides into closed sections.


STAT, MATH, and ACT SCI Majors

ECON 303 and ECON 471 will be available for registration for these majors on this date. If you require these courses and are in your last semester, please contact your Departmental Advisor as soon as possible and they will coordinate an override with our office by emailing econug@illinois.edu



ECON 411, 440 & 484

Please contact Ann Finnegan (abfinngn@illinois.edu) to request an override


ECON 411, 440 & 484

Please contact Ann Finnegan (abfinngn@illinois.edu) to request an override

Students declaring ECON/EQE/CS+Econ

Please review our Declaration Criteria and we recommend scheduling an Advising Appointment or joining Express Advising to have your questions answered. 

Restrictions removed, once you declare

*Restrictions are changed for each course manually, so we are unable to provide a specific time other than they will be available prior to noon.


Other Information

No other overrides will be provided. It is important you register for any required courses during your priority registration period.

Registration Errors? Please visit our Registration Error Page for information.

Students interested in declaring Economics, should do so at the next possible time, in order to be eligible to register for restricted courses.


Please email us at econug@illinois.edu with any questions.