Econ Content Support

Students who need a refresher, would like to learn economics concepts on their own, or who may need additional support in a class may find helpful resources below. These come recommended by faculty and students, or provided by economic associations. These resources are not maintained by our office, so please contact the overseeing entity for questions. 

Learning Guides/Tutorials

Marginal Revolution University: Learn Economics, understand your world. Marginal Revolution University creates free and engaging economics videos taught by top professors.

Khan Academy: You can learn anything, for free, for everyone, forever. Subjects include Economics, Finance & Capital Markets, Computing, Math and others. Economics: variety of resources for students and others  

AmosWorld: Student guide with a glossary and on-line tests   

Dictionaries, Glossaries, & Encyclopedias: List of such resources in RFE   

Moody's Dismal Scientist: Macro and regional data with analysis plus general commentary

Online Glossary of Research Economics: Research terms explained  (appropriate for graduate students)   

Understanding the World Today: A multifaceted review of recent decades


Resources from the American Economic Association


  • EconTalk - sponsored by The Library of Economics and Liberty
  • Vox Talks - policy emphasis

Project Syndicate Columnists


  • Vox - "Research-based policy analysis and commentary from Europe's leading economists"   

Blog aggregators and listings


Recent Books

Here are some recent books for a general audience that will be useful for students who may consider studying economics. Many of the essays and books a student will find in the databases on the facts & ideas page are written for other economists. In contrast, the popular books are intended for students and others who have not studied economics. Many economists recall that reading a few books like those listed here sparked their interest in studying economics.