Undergraduate Awards & Scholarships

Thanks to the generous support of alumni donors, we are able to offer various scholarships and awards to economics students, celebrating their numerous and diverse accomplishments. We have scholarships and awards providing monetary support and to commend economics students for their dedication within many areas.

Department Funded Awards/Scholarships

Economics Student Success Scholarship
Experiential Learning Award
Service Award (previously Brian Marshall Service Award)
Economics Leadership Award (Michelle Moreno Economics Leadership Award)

Convocation Speaker GPA Awards
          Lars Stole 2017 Convocation Speaker GPA Award
          Dr. Maria Otoo 2016 Convocation Speaker GPA Award
          Justice Rita Garman 2015 Convocation Speaker GPA Award
          Jesse Ruiz 2014 Convocation Speaker GPA Award
          Richard J. Winkel 2013 Convocation Speaker GPA Award
Economics Academic Scholarships/Awards
Scholarship to Support Postgraduate Education
Scholarship to Support Undergraduate Education
Honors Research Scholarship
Honors Thesis Award
Diversity and Inclusion Award
Economics Community Award
International Spirit Award
Peer Recognition Award

Please visit the following websites for other available scholarships: